Got all the stress over here. Please Help

This is my third grow, but my first with more than 1 plant. These are all ILGM Zkittlez. They were all germinated at the same time. The 3 smaller ones all developed a slimy brownish sludge and it stunted their growth. I emptied and sterilized their reservoirs. I cleaned their roots with peroxide and then flushed them with r/o water. I believe they are all over watered and heat stressed. Ive tried everything I can think of including raising my lights, adding root cleaner, lowering the light intensity, and balancing the ph multiple times. Does anybody have any advice to help me save these young ladies? Any information or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

sometimes they don’t recover from the root rot and if they do they will be very slow to grow…make sure you have plenty bubbles happening in your buckets and you didn’t mention the root inoculant, did you use any?

I use hydroguard as part of my solution mix, and i used hygrozyme as the root cleaner.

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ok I cannot think of anything else you could’ve done to help…now you just wait and hope…and be prepared to sprout some more seeds and watch closely for root rot and try to figure out what happened to cause it so it doesn’t happen again…good luck!