Got a surprize today

a buddy of mine brought me over 3 in tall skittles plant since im starting a grow tent, got everthing i need except time, i run a golf outing that everthing we make goes to our veterens, a fund raising outing at the end of this month so im pretty buzy now. but i put the plant in a 5 gal fabric pot with mother nature coco coir with perite 70-30 mix outside, i hope to have my tent ready by early sept. im in ohio so i got a couple months befor it starting to get cold, im watering with fish and tap water right now, tap water about 6.9 ph, i got jacks 3-2-1 nutes, my question is when should i use it and by when sould i bring the plant inside so as not to shock it and how much lite time whrn inside tent, rite now we have about 12 hrs lite out side. spent a pretty dollar on my set up dont want to screw up. thanks for any feed back

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Well she’s going to enter flower pretty quickly. With 12 hours of darkness. With your medium and nutrients feed full strength everyday starting immediately. It’s an innert medium and should be treated the same as hydroponic. Your pH should be in the range of 5.5-5.8. Make sure to mix your parts A and salt thoroughly before adding part B. Any other questions feel free to ask or tag me. Just put an “@” then start to type the name and a drop down will appear.