Got a responce not sure of

got a answer from budz, about my last post, saying to start nute now plant is about 1 wk. old, do i water as usual with nutes, i mean complety water ever day, and how do i lower my ph, again plant is 1 wk. old planted in strait coco coir, perite 70-30 mix in 5 gal fab pot out side for now, aint got my tent set up yet be a few more weeks, also since i have about 12 hr. sun now in ohio, when i put then in my tent how much lite on and off, thanks for any help by the way i got jacks 3-2-1 nutes


Are you going for an outdoor grow or outdoor/indoor?

starting it outdoor dont have my tent ready yet, i run a golf outiny for veterens this week so to busy, hope to have tent ready by mid sept. am growing a zskittles auto live in ohio so it could get cold outside in 8-10 weeks, will be 1st indoor grow. thanks

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You should be feeding every time seed to harvest.

That’s the point of coco and jacks 321

thanks, this may be a stupid ques. plant 1 wk. old how much water pint,quart, or more each day,in ohio temp in the 90s and humid heat index about 100 ht as hell here now. thanks

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Hard to say, lot of factors. After it has some true leaves I usually feed until I get a little run off. After it has 5 fingered leaves I water to 20%-30% run off every time.

Coco outside in hot temps id imagine you’d be feeding a couple times per day. Coco should stay wet.

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will make sure it stayes wet rite now watering with fish water from my aquarium, like i said am super busy rite now with my veterens golf outing but will heed your advice. thanks

Best thing I learned was to understand the flood/drought cycle that cannabis plants thrive in. You’ll also want to begin to develop a “feel” for when your plants need to be watered based on simply picking up the pot it’s in. You’ll get to a point you’ll be able to tell when it needs to be fed each time based on weight alone :slight_smile:


Coco needs to remain damp or it becomes hydrophobic.

Jack’s can be run at full strength (900 ppm in distilled) from first watering to harvest. Obviously the amount you water will be pretty low until the plant’s canopy and root mass fill the pot. It actually makes management harder to be in a big pot with a little start as it’s almost impossible to keep media damp without drowning the start. Better to be in something like a Solo cup that you can manage until it is big enough.

Pictures would be pretty helpful…


I totally missed the coco part… I only have soil experience so I DEEPLY apologize!

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We all shortstop each other. No biggie.

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@Myfriendis410 No I appreciate it. I’m only in my second grow ever and totally missed the coco part.

Coco also scares me.

So do photos as I only know autos at the moment lol

Coco scares me also! I am in living soil.


In coco water everyday if jacks 321 use full strength seed to harvest water daily at least once and water til I get runoff. In solo is only like a cup or so at most usually I sometimes leave the cups a day without watering or feeding when small as they don’t use up alot when small so I can get away with a day or so without. It seems to help the little ones grow a bit better getting that air to the root good luck. Gonna finish reading and see what light and tent u r planning on getting. If it gonna continue growing get a good light to start with. I’ll b happy u did and it might seem expensive at first but will save u in the long run not buying shit stuff like I did to start. Good luck happy growing