Got a question about leaves

I’m growing four Granddaddy purple. They are at end of 3rd week of Flower. I have had no issues so far . My medium is 50/50 mix of Fox farm Ocean Forest and Coco Loco. My temp while lights on is even 79f . Lights off 73. My r/h is 50 percent. I have been keeping my ph at 6.15. I watered last night with Fox farm Big grow. This morning one plant had leaves sticking almost straight up. They still look Healthy. I’m just not sure if it is a problem.


Hello there @Bulldognuts

That’s her way of saying she love’s it myfriend Love-Plant


Pretty much what @garrigan62 said haha: they change their ‘posture’ at night and actually anticipate lights on and off.

Pretty plants!

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Thanks , she is my Healthiest one . All 4 are looking good. 1

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