Got A Grow Going Y'all


I could think of a few people who would be more useful as food for my crazy mutant weed plant.


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Any chance the bud the seeds came from had really dark red/orange hairs?
A trait?


Of course

I agree, you have a bit of fattening yet, there’s a lot of clear trichs in the pics. They’re looking great, nice job.

Yeah i took some samples and dried them and got them curing, just wanted a sample, and yes there was alot of orange hairs, day 1 in the jar for my sampler, giving the plants another week or 2 see how far along they are on thrichs:

How long into curing before the grass smell goes away?

Its considerable went away since initial start of drying, abd they dried for 4 1/2 days, no they was early but wanted to test it, plus it was lower less developed buds

3 weeks is usually a minimum cure to start dropping the grassy smell

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Finishing week 8 flower on Saturday and moving into week 9 flower heres how the garden is doing

And here is the babies, some i fried the leaves a bit cause i allowed a space heater to be to close to them but theyll get over it, already have for the most part

Abd a clobe that i took off one of my flowering girls that has went back into full veg now

Let me hear garden updates from you all wonderful people following along with me
@dbrn32 @repins12 @pptrsha1 @Bulldognuts @merlin44 @fano_man @GreenJewels


Out of likes likes, your ladies are looking great :+1:


Nice job!


Wow I love the tint of the blue looking gal :star_struck:


Very nice buds

Hey @MattTheNoob are those LEDs in 4000k cct

3500k, got 3 more as well for when we move and i setup my own grow room :star_struck:, why you ask by chance, maybe i can learn something new?

Those buds are fattening up nicely. Great job on the clones! :v::green_heart:

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The blueish tint to your light after you say its 3500 I noticed you have 3500 without red diodes like a rspec board looks like the tint of this light which is 4000k

The more orange tint is an rspec 3500 the white bluer is the 4000k


Heres a pic of the boards bro, and thanks for telling me what they do, now do you recommend any lighting to add red and even uv light for the grows?

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Gotcha u got gen 1s