Gorilla zkittlez day 28 of flower

I take it I start counting days in flower when I see the first pistilis? If so that leaves me with 32 days of bloom left theoretically. Can’t wait.

Looking nice and frosty. Beautiful plant!

The start of flower is when you see small button buds. That’s when the count down to harvest begins.


Thanks, I can’t remember exactly when I first saw those lol, I’m keeping an eye on trichs too so hopefully it will be apparent when they are ready. Just want to make sure I get a week of flushing in before I harvest and I don’t over ripen them. They smell so good at the moment.

They are great to look at and observe their growth but you have long way to go. When the colas are filling in top to bottom and most of the pistils have turned color, the count down starts in earnest.


Yeah all my trichs are crystal clear atm, I’ll try and stay patient lol