Gorilla Zkittles first "proper" grow

Figured I should start a grown journal seeing as this seems the place to be, already had some good advice and help from a few members.

Strain; Gorilla Zkittles, seeds

Soil in pots; Coco and Perlite 3:1

System type? Currently hand watered but have an automated setup ready for final pots

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? pH 5.8

What is strength of nutrient mix? Ec 500

Indoor or Outdoor; indoor 2mx2mx2m tent

Light system, size; currently 3 x 600w Mars hydro full spectrum Led, will add more as funds allow

Temps; Day/Night 22/12 I know 12 is not ideal but best I can do for now

Humidity; Day/Night 60%/80%

Ventilation system; Yes bathroom extractor fan

AC, Humidifier, Dehumidifier nope


Uploading: IMG_20200326_122250.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20200326_122336.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20200326_122258.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20200326_122952.jpg… Uploading: IMG-20200415-WA0000.jpeg… Uploading: IMG_20200417_152359.jpg… No


Signed on to watch. :+1:


Seems to be good growth the last few days

Although two plants seem to be struggling a little, from my limited knowledge I’m thinking N tox maybe, if anyone has thoughts I’ve added pics of the problem plants.

I think I’m going to try flushing the problem two and see how they go, once again advice on best way to flush would be appreciated :+1:

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Had some ups and down but finally things seem to be on track, stable root pH, stable ec out, growing well and seem to have only minor issues,

Seem to be training nicely

This one is slightly stunted compared to the others but the vegitation is lush

Had to switch out a saucer today due to a crack, and wow those roots. I’m guessing this could be a problem if I leave too much runoff in the saucers?

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Couple more pics
Platinum cookies doing so well

Foliage on this one is amazing

This one looking a little sickly but I think it may have been roots sitting in run off too long

About time I dropped an update

The ill looking plant has bounced back somewhat and is small compared to the others but it’s finally looking healthy. The other 5 are going strong have good shape and are looking like 12/12 flip is on the cards for next week, I have a clone and an auto in there too but don’t know what to do with them when I flip the lights maybe just chance it, if they were bigger I would move them outside, weather has been great but I think they are too small especially the auto as that’s an fresh seedling.

My brother also had 3 clones that I did and they are doing well

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I just got some watermelon zkittlez got a discount

How does your gorilla zkittlez smell ?
I heard even the seedlings are very terpy

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They smell pretty good, definitely fruity at first, the smell they leave on your hands is so good, will update as they flip into flower. Hopefully not too strong, neighbours won’t approve :joy::joy:

Use a carbon filter
i love terps man!!

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I have a carbon filter and extractor in there now, it was needed lol

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Finally fitted an RO setup, are they always painfully slow at generating water?

Day 3 of 12/12 these things are already reaching for the sky

This little fella now lives in my kitchen window :joy::joy:

Guess you could say these have stretched just a little, I make it 2 weeks since I saw the first pistilis.

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These girls have been so well behaved since flowering

So hard to get decent trich pics with multi lense cameras

So close now :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Bonus pic of my outdoor auto

So this is the setup I ended up with after all these months

5x Gorilla Zkittles feminised seeds from big head seed

1x Platinum cookies seed from big head seeds

Canna Coco and Perlite mixed 3:1 initially in 4l fabric pots then transfered to 20l airpots

2xfeeds 1x watering per day

Nutes GHE trio, cal mag, diamond nectar, kool bloom, liquid silicone, plant magic PK booster and house and garden shooting power generally run at 1/2 to 1/4 strength bottle recommended doses PH 5.8 in 6.2 out, ppm 500-600veg 800=900 flowering,

Indoor 2mx2mx2m grow tent

Lights 3 x 600w Mars hydro full spectrum Led

Temps; Day/Night 24/18 degrees C, I have seen lows of 12 early on and highs of 32 but neither seemed to cause too much trouble

Humidity; Day/Night 60%/80% veg 50%/60% flower

Ventilation system; black orchid dual speed extractor fan 100mm with carbon filter and black orchid 4" intake fan

Dehumidifier - small room home dehumidifier

Small R/O water setup