Gorilla vs AC Infinity tents?

Comments on any that have a known comparison? AC Infinity seems to have good all around products from what I’ve heard. I’m wondering if the Gorilla is that much better?
There’s quite a price difference between the two.

I have Gorilla tents, but AC Infinity is a well-respected company. I’m sure their products are great as well.


@MidwestGuy , thanks for the quick input.
The pricing confuses me some I guess.
4x4 gorilla is $358 with 1680D fabric
4x4 AC Infinity is $179 & claims 2000D which is a tad thicker/heavier material.
That’s what’s confusing. You’d think the heavier one would cost more.
The substantial difference in price is what has me scratching my head.
Reviews on both look promising, both boast heavy durable zippers.
I’m not against buying quality by far, just can’t understand why the gorilla is 2X the price.
Have you ever laid eyes on an AC Infinity to see the difference?


The biggest + about the gorilla tents is that you can add height extensions.If that’s not a concern AC tents are pretty solid and their customer service is dope.

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I have three gorilla grow tents, and my latest tent is an ACInfinity tent.

The gorilla grow tents have 5 zippers and two flaps to access the tent, with one zipper requiring starting every time. The ACInfinity tent has one zipper and no flaps. The gorilla grow tents can be accessed from the sides, but I rarely ever have room for that anyway. The ACInfinity is front access only. The ACInfinity zipper goes to within a few inches of the top, the gg tents have a top piece that slips over the frame and as a result, the zippers are 10-12 inches below the top of the tent, and the extensions make it even worse.

The gg tents have extensions that come with the tents, adding another 9-12 inches to the height. The ACInfinity offer no extension. I grow in my basement with 7 1/2 to 8 foot ceilings and don’t have room for the extensions except on a 3x3 shorty that I have, but I almost need to get on hand and knees and crawl in to access the tent with almost 18 inches above the top of the zipper. I’m too old for that.

The ACInfinity has a mount for their controllers that mount right at eye level next to the zipper making it easy to read and access the controls.

I have seen no significant difference between the light tightness of the tents. In fact the ACInfinity is easier because the two interior flaps of the gorilla grow tent require positioning to keep them light tight.

The ACInfinity has one less bar across the top of the tent, 3 instead of 4. I can live with that. If I were to buy another tent and the size requirements were met, I’d buy another ACInfinity tent over gorilla grow tent.


So I don’t actually know about the AC tents but i know they specialize in exhaust systems, and make some of the best…

That being said, HLG as we all know makes the best lights right…
Well, HLG makes absolutely horrible tents!
I have to cover mine in black-out curtains because the zippers are trash and its all around cheaply made.

My point is, just because a company produces some good things, dosen’t mean everything they make is good.
That’s my 2 cents :grin:


@CMichGrower , thanks for the opinions of both. It sounds like the quality of the materials & zippers are on par with each other. The wide price margin still baffles me though.
I’m like you, wouldn’t be able to take advantage of anything over 7.5-8’ high either.
The side entry could be an advantage but not sure if it’s worth twice the price.
Thanks again for the info. Much appreciated. That’s exactly what I was hoping to find, someone who has used both!

@1HappyPappy , I never even knew HLG made tents. I’m glad you point out they suck or I’d have assumed they were top notch like their lights! Sounds like they maybe should stick with what they know, premium lights! Lol.


They actually don’t make tents anymore and I’m pretty sure I know why :man_facepalming:.
But I thought after receiving it that it was a fake because it was not made well at all. But I emailed HLG and they confirmed that they did made tents at one time.
He described it to me.

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I have the cheapies. I like my ViVosun 48x48x80 more than my Apollo (48x48x78). Top expandable (I think). However, being short, handicap and retarded (or is that retired). The ViVosun required two people, as that extra 2-inches put it out of my reach.

My AC Infinity 4x4 open on three sides. The flap gets unweildy and heavy as hell after the second side is peeled back but I could if I wanted to.
It also has a smaller “door” flap on the left side that you could step through if you wanted. In fact I just did a few minutes ago.

I have no experience with gorilla tents but the Infinity is a great, heavy duty and well constructed piece of equipment by all regards.

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Just to chime in here lol I bought my tent kit on Amazon from Vivosun and it’s been very easy to work with. The light and exhaust kit are really great as well.

Happy growing!!! :seedling:

Don’t get hung up on $$ as a determinative indicator of quality. It most cases it comes
down to marketing considerations. If I charge more and make the profit I need to make, it makes sense to have to handle fewer items, fewer customers, less warranty numbers etc etc.
If a company is trying to expand its horizontal market, ie find a built in home for its fans, filters and accessories, then there is more motivation to price accordingly to increase market. I have a couple AC fans and they are great.
I have a 3x3x7 GT and love it. I am glad it has all of the access points that it has. I use every one. I like the main door with center zippers. It allows me to open it completely. I have heavy lights and am glad it has strong structural integrity. Add fans and filters, that is a lot of weight. Most of all I appreciated having 7’. I make use of every inch. That includes having the exhaust fan and filter outside of the tent. Sometimes a plant wants to take off and having more height accommodates that. The height difference alone is a :heavy_plus_sign: in favor of the GT.



Yes sorry. I got lazy. GT = gorilla tent

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I’ve had a couple of GTs of differing sizes. They’ve all been great.


@beardless , that makes sense in a way about AC Infinity. Being a research junky like me, it makes it tough to decide. Not always, but usually the more $ products are better quality. Especially in a case like this where the cost differential is double.
The input here is great though with real world experiences. There’s a grow shop an hour from me. They have tents on display but not sure what brands they carry.
When it comes time to decide about purchase, a dart board might be needed! Lol.

I do not disagree. In fact when I bought my GT that was a major consideration when I decided on it. The other, as mentioned is height, and footprint. That is the largest tent I could fit in the space I had available.
What size are you looking for?

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4x4 is the size I was looking at.

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If you were in the military Gorilla will give you 20% off.