Gorilla tents differences

Is there a $100 advantage for the Original Gorilla 4x4 over the Gorilla lite 4x4. Only a 5" height difference as I see it.

$307 4x4 Gorilla lite with 1’ extension to make it 77". I think I will give it a try. I already have a 6"exhaust fan and charcol filter.

Look at Walmart dot com you can get them a lot cheaper


Wow thats exspensive for a tent i paid 100$ for my 4x4x6.5 ft and i would say its pretty light proof a couple spots i had to duct tape for now till i get some stuff to run over them seams.

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@Hogmaster I Didn’t see any cheaper at walmart. $307 shipped is the cheapest I have found so far for 4x4 lite with 1’ extension kit.

@Killadruid I have been reading the reviews on the $100 tents and cant figure out if I want to try one or just get a Gorilla.

HydropPros have it $25 cheaper but want $36 shipping.


Save the 100$ and put it toward a better light

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My plants grow just as big or bigger than my neighbor’s he has a gorilla tent and i have a tent off eBay for 75 dollars it’s a 4x4x6 grow tent with 600d Mylar

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I have one from quic tent that worked wonderfully for me. 100$ amazon.


Ok I have been looking and may try a less$$ tent. I am trying to decide between a VIVOSUN or Apollo




They really are all about the same I get the cheap ones because they normally last longer and are a little nicer

The vivosun is a great product

@RAP I was just looking at the tents and I may be wrong… But the Gorilla tents have a 1 year warranty and the Vivosun / cheaper tents have 2 years of warranty
I don’t use tents… But warranty can be important
Just my $0.02 worth
Good Growing

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Boy do I agree with @basementstealth about the extra spent on lights. @RAP, I agrre with the Light is the better item to place the money on, if nothing else, due to the difference in yield possibilities from the light verse a stronger tent.

Seriously though! ~

What I found by digging on the forum and scrolling through different stuff like the “grow journals” and asking those who are using the cheaper tents like Vivosun, ““like this one on Amazon.”” I have yet to find anyone say much negative about the cheaper tents. I have heard a couple say you might have to tape a light hole here and there, not sure it is worth 200$ more due to these drawbacks.

Anyway, I am not suggesting to buy a gorilla tent or not, shoot buy what you want, but what i am suggesting is, do a little extra research and ask around, you might be surprised.

but hey if you do find some negative stuff, shoot it over to me, I am interested as well.

Thanks and Good luck with the grow!


You can also look here…
2 options for 4x4 tents one $115 the other $185 both with free shipping.


Hope this helps



I’m with you on that. I have a Apollo Horticulture 48”x48”x80” $104.00, and a TopoGrow D-Door 32"X32"X63" $56.00. Never had a problem. In the late 60’s and early 70’s we always used a shower curtain rod and what ever you had so the people could not see in the windows. But that was then when we smoked seeds and stems !


LOL so true. .

They used to tell me, I was not going to be able to have kids if I kept smoking those seeds. Not sure how true it was, but I have smoked a many in my day.

Now seeds seem to be scarce in my circle of exposure.

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You get what you pay for. Gorilla tents are far more superior than any tent your gonna find for under $200. I have a 5x5 GGT and can’t say enough good things about it. Fabric is heavy duty. Zippers are heavy duty. All the ports are convenient. And if any issue arises i know its a simple email away from a resolution with no questions asked.