Gorilla Glue with about 4/5 maybe 6 weeks to go

Trichomes haven’t gotten cloudy and a few brown pistils. A first for this variety, early flower and good dense buds. Tell me what you think


Nice trees you have there.

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8 feet hope to get maybe a pound totally cured out.


Happy Cake day Sir.

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Nice plants!!! I agree with your time frame estimate. I wouldn’t even be looking at trichomes yet it’s way too early.

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Super nice plants.

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Thank you :pray:

Your welcome

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Thank you very much. A lot of TLC on this plant.

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thats only one plant. I haven’t showed the Girl Scout yet but I will. I am tired of paying 300 for an ounce of weed for top tier weed. I decided to grow my own


Wow. Nuff said.

Shit man, I’d put Xmas lights on those!

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I think you’re gonna be a busy little bee come harvest. Do you wash your bud?

Probably not just a flush for a couple waterings

I suggest washing your harvest. Especially outdoor grows. All you’ll have to do is wash your bud once and then you will always do it.

Washing the Contaminants Off of Hemp - YouTube

Noce classic structure! Good cola formation!

photo bomb!

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I second the washing. I did it for the first a couple weeks ago on an indoor plant. Couldn’t even see the bottom of the bucket when I was done. I’m sold.

Do you wash your vegetables before you eat them. It’s the same thing. Don’t worry you won’t wash off the trichomes they are not water soluble. You’ll be surprised at how much crap washes off that otherwise would have gone into your lungs. It will also help stop mold from developing while drying.