Gorilla Glue vs. Gorilla Glue with a side of NYC Diesel!

Hey, thanks for checking in. I started a run of 6 auto’s. Two Gorilla Glues by ILGM, two Gorilla Glues by FastBuds, and two NYC Diesels from Expert Seeds. They’re in 5 gallon tall pots, with Mother Earth Coco Peat soil. The area in the center where they’re planted, the soil is mixed 50/50 with coco, about the size of a large Wonton Soup container.

I’ve grown ILGM photo period Gorilla Glues before, but never their auto’s. I did two by FastBuds in my last grow and they were fantastic. I’m really hoping the ILGM ones do even better because I got 20 of them in the 420 buy 10 get 10 sale!

The grow light is an ES300 by the Green Sunshine Company. It’s perfect in a 2 x 4, it covers every inch of grow space, and I have nothing but love for it in return for the nugs it’s bestowed upon me! :smile:

Everything else is pretty standard I guess. AC Infinity 4" exhaust fan, basic humidifier on an Inkbird controller, space heater on a day/night controller(for another couple of weeks), and a bunch of fans I constantly move and switch around.

I’ve always kept a journal for each grow in a notebook, but this is the first time I’ve ever done one online. I’m looking forward to this, and I’ll have some pics of them above ground shortly.

Thanks for reading,
Exit stage left! :slight_smile:


Nice setup.

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Thank you Hellraiser. I’m hoping to get through this grow with no big mistakes. All of my auto grows so far I’ve had some issues with nutrients mid to late flower. I think being able to ask questions here and get advice before I make important moves will help a lot.

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Fox Farm nutes?

Yes, the big 3, and the BushDoctor line.

Although in one grow I tried NPK-Industries. That didn’t work out well either.

I’ve tried a lot of nutes inlcuding Fox Farm and I really like Advanced Nutrients, with it I never have any issues, no deficiencies, nothing, something to consider. It has made my my growing so easy, not to have any nute related problems. I use the connoisseur line.


I will check that out for sure, thank you. I did really well with Fox Farm when I grew photo’s. My troubles began when I started growing auto’s.

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I believe fox farms can be fine, specially if you stay on schedule with the flushes, but it seemed easier to get off track with it. With AN, I never do any flushes, don’t have to, just the plain water for last 2 weeks before harvest.


Nice. Looks very organized!


I’ll be watching, want to see what you can do with that sweet light.

Thank you AAA!

This was my last photo grow, Ken’s GDP, the ES300 did this!


Very nice!

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Nice set up. Keen to follow as Im waiting on some GG auto seed from ILGM to grow next.
Typical cat getting nosey.


I’m set to watching and gonna hitch a ride along, that is, if you don’t mind :+1: :v:


Thank you Fergus. I’m sure you won’t be waiting too long, ILGM has the best shipping speeds of any seed bank I’ve ever used by far!
You should see the lengths I’ve gone to keep my cats off of my tents and out of my closet, lol.


Sure thing repins12, and now you have the song “hitchin a ride” stuck in my head, lol.


Xool…good.luck w the AUTOS. I won’t hit ya you with all the typical sayings - it’ll be a breeze, you got this, set the autopilot, etx, BUT I’m sure ya got this!!:woozy_face::woozy_face::thinking: It is rather clean looking I must say. I’m growing some catnip this go so the cats are snooping around my room also…


I’m going to tag along too. I’m always interested in learning more about autos.

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