Gorilla Glue Transplanting and Nutes

Transplanted my 4 wk old GG Auto into a 15 gallon bucket… moved from FFOF/30%perlite to FFOF/30%perlite/BushDr. Coco Loco… When should I start to nute? And what is the best combo?

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I run a 50/50 mixture of FF OF and Coco Loco. I generally veg for 6 weeks and and don’t have to start nutrients until they are in flower. Are you taking runoff readings for ppm’s. More than likely at 4 weeks you still have plenty of nutrients left in soil to carry them through beginning of flower ,depending on how long you keep them in veg.

Yeah I heard that too… but it poured rain and was afraid of over watering or root rot… so I transplanted with new soil… she did just fine with it… I also haven’t added anything, although not long after I transplanted she showed signs of needing nutrients so I fed her and started LST two days ago…

No I did not buffer the coco coir first… as this is my first grow and had no idea… although I have read that it will start to lock certain nutrients out when I have a build up of salts… However, I am using nutrients that are specifically for coco coir… that has lots of calcium not as much magnesium but it’s still a decent amount… I read that it don’t need other stuff added but she is going into flower and would like to know if I continue it… it’s called Canna two part fertilizer A and B… however A has lots of nitrogen which makes me feel like it’s only for veg… bottles say dilute A and B so it’s confusing…

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