Gorilla glue Too dramatic or is it something wrong?

Hey guys
Let me know what do you think about this?
This plant is growing next to gold leaf ,white widow CBD and California dream (this one is starting showing the same symptoms in one of leaves). My light was about 25" far from the canopy , I increased that to 30"
My PPFD was 345 checked with photone app. I use this as a reference, I’m not sure if it’s 100 % accurate.

Indoor grow
Strain of seeds - 3 weeks old Gorilla glue feminized by ILGM
water.PH: 6.5.
Soil: Fox farm ocean forest
Nutrients or fertilizer ? No
What type of lighting are you using?
LED 30" far away from the canopy
What are the temps in your grow space?
Day 79° F / Night 76° F
What is the RH = relative humidity in your grow space?
60%- 70% Day / 60%- 70% Night
AC ON , Humidifier ON, De-humidifier OFF.


It’s ready to get potted up.


Pot her and watch her explode. Gg4 is thirsty. You will see that in a month or so. Just a warning…if you take her to amber she will lock you down like a sledgehammer. That strain is my main medical. Too strong to smoke…lol.


So mine was a month old Saturday, same GG but mine an auto. They are right after I transplanted she took off.


Welcome to your new happy place. They are ready for their forever home. Have a great grow time.

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She looks healthy to me, ready for transplant i agree

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Like the others have said time to transplant her. And welcome to the community.

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welcome to the community, theyre looking great

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Hey guys I woke up today I found my Gorilla glue like this. It was ok yesterday… Help!!

In need of a roomier vessel. Time to transplant her. You could be over watering.


Yep she is very nearly root bound… Dr we need to do a transplant… :sunglasses:

Transplant into new larger home.

Looks like it got over watered in that solo cup, does your solo cup have holes in the bottom to let out extra water?

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Always want holes in the bottom in sola cups…

I would transplant that baby like right now…

They’re looking good after a transplant

Btw the CO2 bag is a waste of money

Hey guys what is the best time to transplant ? Early in the first hours of light or before the lights turn off.
Let me know what’s your preference.

Early for me. :yin_yang:

Are you going into larger forever pots?