Gorilla Glue times 2

If you’ve been following my experiment, you’ll know that my two street rags
seeds grew some serious balls. I mean it literally. They were both male plants.
So they got the chop. Like a Rabi at a bar mitzvah, both those little plants got snipped.

Meanwhile, my ILGM Gorilla Glue plants are absolutely stunning. Today they are one
month old. Dropped seeds into the water 30 days ago today and MAN they are some
healthy looking babies.

Been using only pH’ed water, Rhino skin and a feeding of Myco chum for the Great White
that I used on their roots at transplant. Have them in FFOF and will be giving them Dyna
Grow and Dyna Bloom when ready.

Stems are as thick as pencils already and they are only 6-7 inches tall with 6 inch

I’ll throw down some photos to show what I’m talking about.


After one week into veg, fan leaves are getting YUGE.
Stems are now thicker than a pencil. Only put on about 1 1/2 inches in height
but I’m thinking the roots are growing while the top adjusts. Gave it a light (5ml)
feeding of Myco Chum for the Great White I used at transplant. Other than that
I’ve just been giving it pH’ed water and Rhino Skin. This coming week I’ll give it
a half dose of Dyna grow since it’s the 8th week in these pots.



Would you do anything to these plants to increase or bolster their growth like snipping
some foliage?

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My methods and techniques are not main stream. Most folks are either in the defoliation camp or in the no defoliation camp.

That said, I don’t remove any leaves until the plants are getting close to flipping and then very light defoliation. After the “stretch” I remove a few leaves every day or two to uncover bud sites.

What I do start removing early on is lower new growth that will not be a viable bud site or cola. I think that your plants are still too early to do either. You can tell that a lower growth will be spindley because it grows long and skinny. I cut those off but I leave the fan leaf that grows from that node in place.

If this is unclear, let me know and I will try to give you a better explanation.


Your plants look very healthy! GG is one of my favorite strains to smoke.

Is that plastic barrier on top of your soil for pest control? I don’t recall seeing one of those before.


That plastic barrier is for moisture. Keeps the very top layer from going hydrophobic.



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Gonna tag along for the ride, about to drop some GG in a few days myself.

Happy growing!


After 2nd full week into Veg, things are looking good so for. Many mistakes made with first
grow being avoided on this lot. I’m keeping this one simple and listening to the roots.
Let the roots tell you what it needs by looking at the leaves and focus ONLY on root
development. The rest will grow in.

Here is the story so far:
Seedling phase: 1 month 1 week from tail to transplant
Veg phase: This is the second week, photos below.

Food so far: pH’ed water, 1 light feeding of Myco chum for soil bacteria, every other
watering 5 ml of Rhino Skin silica, 1 half dose of Dyna Grow last week.


Oak tree!


Happy and healthy! Looking good @PhillyRock.




Or in rather. LOL


thanks bud, your plants look great, it is sooo much easier on second grow compared to first. keep up the good work, and set to watching. my fourth grow was gg and chemdog, all the gg is harvested and am smoking it already, i love it and know it is still getting better. still have 3 chem dogs in.


My first grow was two LSD and a Chemdawg. Not the easiest strains on my first attempt,
that’s for certain.

I still have 2 months till fully cured. I slapped it into the jars on the 5th of Dec so I’m a little ways
out from sampling the fruits. I’m not expecting to have my skirt blown up or anything but
it will be the very first time I’ve ever smoked my own green.


i am smoking on both gg and chem dog. the gg was jarred 6 weeks ago and the chem dog was jarred 4 weeks ago. do you have a hygrometer in the jars with them?


Yup, I grabbed a pack of 12 and use them for both plant pots and jars.
Also have a knockoff brand of Belvida bags inside with them.
It’s staying around 47-51% in both jars.

The bag brand is Onorok


please don’t take this wrong, and different folks have different tastes, but that is too dry. i hang my plants while they are still full plants and try to judge when they get to be about 70% humid when they go into the jars. then depending what they actually are when i’ve let them sit overnight i will open jars accordingly. if they are above 70 i leave the jars open for a couple hours, if they are over 80 i leave the jars open overnight. when get them to under 70 i open the jars and spin them making sure the pot hasn’t coagulated into a lump and leave open for 10 to 20 minutes and leave closed until the next day. to me, you are shooting for a 62% humidity on your pot, i would not go lower than the 59%. i know some people that use boveda packs for curing but i don’t like to do that. i like the plant to cure on it’s own and when it get to 62% i put in a 62% boveda pack.

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Well my first go around I had a panic. I was drying them out the slow way but it started stinking
up the joint so I threw them into the grow tend just above the lights and waited until the stem
snapped like suggested. Then I threw them into the jars and burped them like I’m suppose too.
Once the humidity packs arrived it was already too late and was stuck at 45%. The onorok packs actually brought the moisture level up a tad bit so I was a little happy about that.
These Onorok packs are also 62% but I’m taking the weight of the blame for the curing failure
this time around. This next harvest I’m going to snip at the stem and dry the entire branch
until I reach that magical 62% level. I’ll trim as it’s going into the jars.


don’t feel bad bud, i had my first time of putting a plant into jars at the right time for the first time in 23 plants, it was 70% when left overnight this time, but the others were anywhere from over 80 to under 55 lol. i think it is one of those things that takes some time to come to grips with.

not sure about doing it that way, i would shoot for them going into a jar at around 65 to 70 percent so you can do a slower cure than what you will get with that, you will inhibit taste by letting dry so fast.

if you are not getting the humidity up on the pot you have in jars now

i think you need boveda’s and the onorok is not doing the job. my boveda’s will bring a 53%n humid plant up to 62 without a problem

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Again, the cheap prick in me bites me in the ass. I’ll use up what I have and grab the Boveda
packs next. It might be time to leave that review on the onorok site now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: