Gorilla Glue stem color

Haven’t seen this out here yet. Went to the grow this afternoon to check on tings and I noticed something that’s likely been there since the beginning. The GG are in week 4 of veg and I’m just now noticing the fan leave stems are doing the purple/red thing. Is this common to the strain or something else? I’m using RO water, fed twice and was going to water today and noticed it.

pH is fine, temp & light fine. FF Frog soil and other than 2 feedings of FF nutes at half strength it’s been nothing but the RO pH’d to 6.5.

Since I’m using RO for this grow I was thinking Cal/Mag so I was thinking of doing a 5ml/gal water using Cal/Mag.

That’s the first thing I thought of to try unless it’s typical of the strain. Anyone?

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It’s common for leave stems to have color variations. As long as plant looks good, no worries.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

I just finished a GG grow…about week 5 or 6 into flower most of my stems turned red/purple…
I had 2 of them turn purple and red on probably the top half of the plant at harvest…
This was my first GG grow so I figured that was normal? for this strain.

Also I had 4 of the GG that were peeling branchs off the stalk from the weight of the buds…
Plan to support them.

Good Growing

Wouldn’t worry about it. All the leaves and stems turned red/purp on this GG.


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What most of my plants look like at harvest too.

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Just in case I cal magged this watering. I’ve seen others mention the color can occur from cal/mag issues, so since I’m doing RO I figured one application couldn’t hurt and I’ll see if it makes a difference,

Thanks for the positive vibes guys! It’s gonna help.

Solo cup challenge there it looks like. Looks like maybe 2 oz worth. Nice


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Yup. When using RO, supplemwnting calmag on off days is normally recommended. Do u have any photos? Helps gauge the general age of the plant

My Tangy Dosidos inside has green stems whereas her sister outside has red stems (clones from the same mother).

During my first grow indoors all my plants had purple or striped stems (GG, GG4, Sour Diesel, Bordello and Skwalker OG). I didn’t know what I was doing so could have been nutes, heat, humidity, etc…

Someone said blurple lights can cause it but I haven’t been able to back that up with any hard evidence.

Straight from ILGM:
If you notice the stem of your seedling or marijuana plant has turned purple and there are no more indications of issues, this means their problem is genetic. There are certain marijuana strains that automatically grow with purple stems, more so when the seedlings are budding, or even once the plants start receiving cooler temperatures during the night.

If you suspect that your marijuana plant may have a nutrient deficiency, maybe because the plant growth has slowed down or the color of the leaves is fading, then your plant could be magnesium deficient. This can sometimes create purples stems.

If this is the case, the issue will be resolved with ease by adding more magnesium the next time you water your marijuana plant.

Here are some great magnesium sources for your plants:
– Epsom salt, just add 1 tablespoon per gallon
– Cal-Mag
– A nutrient solution that works well with marijuana has the proper amount of magnesium for your plants.


Already left the site but I’ll post a couple pics next time I go. This is a first grow for us as well so we’re trying to keep an eye on everything to try and max the yield even though we may miss something this time around. Depending on who you watch about watering, it’s easy to get paranoid about too much watering so I tend to let them go for 2 or 3 days until they weigh out light. This goes along with noticing a bit of droop when they need the water so they rebound in a couple hours after a watering. To that end I didn’t want to overwater and impact the growth shape of the plants.

I could be under watering a bit as well so I weigh and look at the plant to determine when to water. Trying not to stunt them with watering issues.

I’ll post pics next time around. They’re at 5th node at the moment, topped at 4 a few days ago. They’re about a foot high at the moment.

I also see a difference from plant to plant in terms of color and vigor. Could be the FF unevenly mixed or just phenotype. I’ll post pics next time I go out.

Thanks guys

Here is a link I found: I checked the top two articles and they do not have any product endorsements that I can see. I hope this link is okay to post - if not, I apologize in advance to the moderator that has to remove it.

anthocyanin light stress in cannabis - Google Scholar

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