Gorilla Glue seeds not growing in Rockwool

From a fellow grower: Gorilla Glue seeds that germinated aren’t growing in the Rockwool. They sprouted a tail a week ago and I transferred to Rockwool and put under a propagation light. I pre-soaked the cubes as instructed. I broke open one of the cubes last night to see if anything was happening. The tail is the same size as when I put in the cube. It’s still white which indicates it’s alive, but it hasn’t grown.

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That’s a bummer. I’ve had issues with rockwool before being too wet. I like to fling the cube in an arch through the air to get excess moisture out. Also, are they warm? 80 degrees seems to be a perfect temp for seedlings.

Seedlings need air and moisture. Too much moisture and they drown.

You should join the forum and that way you can post up pics and more information.

Good luck