Gorilla Glue seeds: not germinating

I got a 15-pack of seeds, the KO mix with Gorilla Glue, AK-47 and Blue Dream. I took 2 of the GG seeds and placed them into a glass of water as per the instructions, and waited. After about 24 hours, the seeds did sink, but no root ever appeared. I let them sit for a few more days, then moved them to a moist paper towel, and still no roots. It’s been about 10 days now since I first put them into water.

I’m wondering if I should give up on these and try another couple, or if there is some way to resurrect these? I’m not really sure what happened here. The tap water pH is quite high here, almost 9.0, so I reduced it to about 6 with pH-Down before soaking.

Any advice? Should I give up on these and try again? I’ve grown before, though never used the “soaking in water” method, but since that’s what was advised I decided to give it a shot. My usual method is just the moist paper towel, but I figured I’d try the recommended method this time.

Sounds like they might be duds after 10 days. If the moist paper towel is more comfortable to you, I would say try it. I have done both in the past with equal results.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try another 2 GG using the paper towel method this time- fingers crossed!

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Happy growing! Tag anyone if you have more questions!

I’ve had four GG#4 beans not sprout in the last few weeks. Frustrating.

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Maybe u r keeping it in the cup of water for too long? I have heard that u shouldn’t surpass 24 hours in the water cup. But I’ve heard many things

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@bri Are you keeping the seeds warm? 75-80 degrees is best. A seedling heating mat, or putting them on top of your cable box, or putting them under lights, or something that produces a little heat will help.

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