Gorilla Glue Seedlings

Good Morning.
Is Roberts Gorilla Glue a slow grower at the seedling stage? I’ve transplanted the MK Ultra and the Blue Dream to 1 gallon in 3 weeks. These are feminized seeds. I’ve got them in coco. The tent is 2x2 x 30" . The light is VG 24 VivaGrow T5 Grow Light Hydroponics 4x 24W Lamps 6500K Bulbs. The tent stays about 80. I’ve been giving them watered down advanced nutes for the last couple of days.

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Go very easy on water. Those girls, domed, need like 1 teaspoon per day to avoid damping off and slow growth. A spray bottle with distilled water is perfect.

Do NOT use nutrients unless specific issues show up. The plants will not respond well at this point. Distilled water only until the cotyledons yellow (round leaves).


Hi. Exactly what he :point_up_2:t5: Said. Minimal watering. Also. A 2x2x2.5 tent is gonna be tight for 4 plants. Heck some of my tiny quick vegged plants get 2x2 by themselves! And that height is gon be tough. Hope u got a backup plan!

This is my seedling tent. I grow 2 plants at a time in the 2x4x7 tent. I will pick the best 2 plants for transplanting and switch tents once it’s free.
I’ll back off on the water, do you think these will make it?

Thanks again

O yea. Let em dry out and they wont skip a beat. And good to know u got more space. :+1:t5:

One more question, what is doming and damping off?

Doming is putting a dome on the plants.

Damping off is overwatering seedlings to the point of mushy stems. They slowly wilt n die from drowning.


That’s what I thought. I haven’t had a dome on these. They are in coco so I haven’t seen an issue with mushy stems. But I will try letting them dry out and not watering so much. How dry should I let them get?

Thanks again

Very. Coco dries faster then dirt. But let it get almost dusty dry

Dusty dry on the top correct then water? Is this normal with Gorilla Glue? I haven’t seen this issue with other strains. I really appreciate the advice.

No problem! N honestly? Id let them all dry out. The other 3 are yellowing from overwatering (roots always wet isnt a good thing). Weed grows relatively well rotating from rain to drought to rain. The watering frequency will increase as the root mass does

I’ve been watering less during veg to make the roots look for water for growth, but during flower I’ve been keeping my plants wetter. Am I on the right path there? I top feed.

Yup. Its just at this stage they dont require very much. U got the general idea tho