Gorilla Glue Plants Look Completely Different

Question from a fellow grower!

I bought the gorilla seeds and it looks like each one is almost a different plant. I started them in Little peat pellet starters in May. They sprouted in about 3 weeks I think. The smell is lovely and very pungent but the buds are very small and each separate plant is entirely different from the other ones which is odd. I have used other strains of autoflowers from your company and have no problem this is the first time I used Gorilla Glue.

Are some of those clones?

Funny eh. Got 4 in tent two of each. All ILGM same pack. Sisters being sisters

Front one thinner more trics back one big fatty dosnt look as shiny but plenty there. Picked yesterday

You can always get different phenos. These are both ILGM blue dream

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