Gorilla Glue need help

After 30 days of growth my plants are only 7.5 inches tall
as big around as 5 gallon bucket
is that normal
grow room 8x8x7.5 feet
light 1000w mh
soil compos and manure
ave temp 73deg

Welcome @Quamer!

Are these autos or photos? How close is the light? Any pics?

Pics please?

the light is 3.7 from the plants Here the Pics

I have one in my journal I was worried about. It started so slow I thought it was never gonna get big. All of a sudden around week 5 it just exploded. I’m sure yours will be fine!

Did you transplant recently or did they start here. Look good may just need some time to get their feet?

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thank you

I agree, they look pretty happy. Welcome to ILGM. :v:

How’s the drainage from those 5 gal buckets? I’m worried that you may have rotted the toys , stunting the vertical growth and in turn is keeping the plant in a position where it can’t support a taller plant.

Now this is all a quick hypothesis of what may have happened, I’m not saying it is but it was my first thought when I seen the setup.

Good point on the drainage…that’s very important!

The bottom of the bucket is full of 1inxh holes soil is dry humity is always around 50% i seldem water thanks for the help


How seldom? Some soils will get dry pockets and harden up not allowing the roots to dig in.

every 1 month+ about 1 quart soil is real loose compose and manure it drains real good and don’t get hard ph7

Here is my Sister Gorilla Glue

Not a good shot, but she is soooooooo short and Stockie.

Sister glue is 42 days old.

suggest you consider using a grow media soil from a grow store.
need moderately fast drainage, a good mix of light airy soil will help plants grow big roots.