Gorilla Glue issues

Hi growmies I recently grew Gorilla Glue from ILGM. The buds were fat and dense. But there was llittle trichome development. I grew four plants each grow and all of them had real low trichome development. I grew all the plants in coco coir and DTE plus worm castings and veg teas and bloom teas. Viparspectra xs2000 x2 in 5x5. Please help me figure out what I did wrong.


Did ur tent go over 80degrees cause I had 2 hot days in 90s n I lost all my trics off my northern lights n I mean they jus melted off but best of luck to ya brother,

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Nice bud tho, :smile:

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Never over 80

They look nice :joy:

To me they don’t look done, no thc leaves

How far are they? What weeks? some in back look, budz small

Mine did it was 84, because is was fk n 110 yesterday. New ax is coming to today

My guess is gonna be leaning towards not enoigh light on the tent. Led figure roughly 35 to 50 w per sq ft of coverage so a 4x4 should be between 560 actual watts to 800 actual watts draw. With the vips u probably have half the amount of light required to get good solid frosty buds. If u sticking with growing and not giving up. Hlg lighting is the way to lean buddy u wont be sorry. A bit expensive but beautiful lights

Another possible the sf4000 cheaper than hlg not quite as good but better than vips. How many watts does the vip 2000 pull from wall??

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Those are some tasty looking plants for sure. Looks like you’re doing a what needs to be done. I’m curious, did the bud do the job?

I increase my trichome production by stressing the plant in several ways. I bend and damage branches and the plant responds with an increase in it’s defensive measures to further protect itself.

I also do everything I can to insure the upper part of the plant gets all the plant’s attention. I remove everything from the bottom 3rd of the plant and remove the little buds and sucker branches from everything left. If it doesn’t reach higher than half the size of the plant, it’s gone.

I’m a less is more type grower. I feed at half strength, push the watering schedule to it’s limits and basically leave the plant wanting more.


Honestly feel like this is probably down to lights. I’m no expert but I can say I went from a 100 watt Spuder Farner to 2 HLG boards and the difference in trichomes is astounding.

If ur considering a light change there r other quality lighting options available. For a 5X5 tent I’d give, SunSystem RS 1850 720W LED a look. For a 4X4 give, Covert Pro 630W LED n eye, Growers Choice ROI-E720, n Gavita CT 1930e r also quality LED choices. Also California Lightworks, n HLG also produce quality LED lighting. Just want to give a few options for quality LED lighting, besides HLG, which most people here on the forum will suggest. None r cheap, so like everyone else, it comes down to costs. How much can u afford? Good Luck, grow’em tall, grow’em wide, most of all, just grow’em. :grin::grin::sunglasses:

I would join the general consensus in the fact that its more than likely your light. Im currently im flower with 2 marshydro ts 3000 (in a 4x8x6 tent) and I love love those and my other tent has a VIPARSPECTRA tc 1350 (5x5x6)im not the biggest fan of it but it does the job (feel like it doesn’t get full 5x5 coverage (more like 4x4 as I feel the edges of my tent are barely getting light) and I got a light par meter the other day and full strength about 16-18 inches from the tops its getting about 890 and I believe your supposed to be around 900-1000 for flower phase

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AlienBrew, So many choices but I heard GaVida light is Awesome. I guess it all just comes down to your pocketbook that would be my guess.

Nice Tent BigCat420. I was only going to put three in my tent for max flowers but I was talked into putting two runtz in to speed flower to turn into wax.

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Thanks man. Hopefully its got a bit more going on next run but 4 Bruce Banners would of been too much so I kept the best and killed off the rest. As you can see I have 2 in here 4 would of been no room lol

Hey BigCat420, I hear hear you on that one, hopefully my next grow/flowering which should be in a few weeks. The 3 big flowers in the 4x4 tent, I remember the were clones in feb when I had Surgery, I come around a bit, when the plants were 3/4 ft tall, they were fed 1 once a week, water whoever of 3 saw the soil tan. So yeah! I can barely get around, cause of that metal cage! Yes I’m a frk n expensive Deceptacon! Good luck on your next 1 man, hope it goes well. :eyes: I’m already behind on the next 5, it a frk n Jungle in there! Lol :laughing:

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Im always behind so I know how it goes. Glad to hear your doing better after your surgery man. Things will be looking up. Trying to get a handle on my perpetual grow and get everything down to a science and timed out so I’m not crowded for space in my veg tent like now or form good habits at least. Feel free to check out my grow journal its full of mistakes oh sorry I meant learning experiences lol

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I agree with mark
Im thinking it’s going to be your light.
Upgrade your light and you should be good to go.
Happy growing

I grew strawberry cough under the same light and the trichomes was off the chart. Even got some auto bussing too.