Gorilla glue FLOWERING?

This is my gorilla glue, it’s about 6 weeks old and about 20 inches tall. My first grow so this is all new to me.
But is this starting to flower?

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Oh yea you re about 1 week into flower and about half way done with the flower stretch


When a plant goes into flower it rapidly expands to about twice its size then pretty much stops growing anything but the buds ( and a little bit of leaf size growth) usually it take 2-3 weeks to fully stretch but most of it happens the 1st week

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@trx I’m glad you asked this and had pictures. My girls are almost right behind yours in age and size, and this thread will help me out a lot.:+1:t4:


Same, I have a thread as well, GDP Autos, outdoor, looking just like yours :love_you_gesture:t2::love_you_gesture:t2:

I need my gorilla glue autos to go 12 weeks is there anyway I can extend the time Will be away for Week 11