Gorilla Glue flower stage with Pics

Been a bit since last time but an update is needed. As always advice and tips are always welcomed.
Been reading about flower to harvest, I mostly see another 4 weeks to be able to harvest & keeping an eye on the whit to amber hairs. The one to the right(tall one) is flowering, the thick bushy one I hope really do hope it’s a late bloomer.


Are those autoflowers? I have 9 girl’s that are All gorilla glue autoflower from ILGM and two of them are just HUGE BUSHES and aren’t flowering yet but the rest of them are. The fan leaves on them both are (no lie) bigger than my Head, I’ve never seen leaves this big before. As you said I really hope they are late bloomers and hurry up because I am rapidly running out of room.

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Yes, they are all autos from ILGM. I hope yours are late bloomers as well. The y’all one you can see is flowering it’s the thick bushy one I’m hoping so much. Do you got a pic of yours?

I have a hard time getting pictures to upload from here with the service but I can tag you in on the grow, there are only old pictures on there of them but I WILL BE UPDATING today. keep in mind they are much much bigger than they are in those pictures


@MrE @Bulldognuts how’s yours looking?

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I’ve harvested my Green Crack already got them in jars. Going to be chopping the GDP in the morning. Here’s some pics. This is the GC.

Here’s the 3 GDP that I’m chopping in the morning.


Marvelous man! Got any advice based off my pics? First time indoor. I think It’s going good so far.

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I always LST a specific way to keep lower heights and to create more colas ,more like a Bush than tree. I grow Photos which generally speaking can be trained all the way into Flower. With autos training should take place early. If you get to aggressive with autos to late and especially once they start flower it can stress plants and cause them to slow down during Flower. That’s something you don’t want LOL.

Hey @DesertPatient420 any change?

I currently have 6 GG autos from ilgm at 6wks and 1 at 10. All big bushy plants, all showing flowers at 4 wks. Only 1 is budding heavily. The 10 wk old is huge but scant hairs. Not convinced on these seeds. First 20, 19 failed. The replacements 6/10 grew. Now last 10 seeds on day 8 and 2 popped, then nothing. I have seen several issues w these seeds delivered early Jan-mid Feb. on this forum. How about you?

Y’all one is flowering nicely, bushy one just starting to looks like it :man_shrugging: Second pic is the bushy one

So far I’ve only used 2 out of 10 and one great plant as you can see and a real bushy one which is a late bloomer I’m guessing. What is your set up?

@DesertPatient420 just wondering if you ended up trimming that girl up or if she started flowering for you? Let me know when you get a chance bro.

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Bubbleponic setup w 400whps and t5s and 4 150wmh. On 24hrs. All showing pistols after 4wks, only 1 really budding after 6
One is 10 wks. Huge lush plant, no real buds. Bergman nutes. Cut light back to 16 hrs, no difference other than 3 getting leggy.

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Yeah I did, my bad for lagging been busy.

Nice, pics?

@MacGyverStoner saw your advice on a post. Then I saw your link but can’t access it. What do I need to do to access it? just shows to login only.

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@Bulldognuts thoughts? I know I have to let it turn more amber. A bit led burns but adjusted it and let it had a long rest in the dark, dark green color slowly coming back. Small questions I do have since looking up harvesting, air curing, jar curing with and with out this 60% packets fast/ slow etc.

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Yeah just the big ones next day it flowered.

Your ladies are looking great. You have a ways to go. Mostly white pistles. Once you see pistles going rusty start watching those trichs. As far as drying and curing, I’ve had 3 grows and have wet trimmed. I’ve tried cutting stems from stalks and hanging, also trimming buds from stems and putting in mesh baskets. I recently seen where a member cuts stems and hangs untrimmed. I ask why they don’t wet trim and he said that it slows the drying process down. Which will preserve the smell and flavor of buds. My most recent grow I felt like the buds dried out a little to quickly so I’ll be trying dry trimming on future grow. I’ve not tried the boveda cure packs. So you want to try to stretch out drying for at least 7 to 10 days and do a slow cure, at least 3 weeks or more.

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