Gorilla glue (bs) Monster cookies (bs)


UPDATE: All visible mold is gone !!
I saturated everything with 50/50 bleach water solution. Ran dehume all day sucked all water up with wet dry vac put affected dry wall in front of ac exhaust to dry quicker…once dried I made a full strength h2o2 and 35% white vinegar concoction re saturated everything and it looks great hopefully all this rain will lighten up and let things dry out down south here humidity nuts without a dehumidifier thank God I got the 3 in 1 ac dehumidifier best tool I could have bought




Update : rained like crazy last night came into the room this morning what do you know flooded again just got done pulling everything out and getting all the loose debris up around the edges of the walls to make it so the water coming in can go out just as easy there was a lot of dirt on the floor from adding to the tops of buckets that I couldn’t reach without the effort I put in this morning but got everything nice and cleaned up got all the walls open and running the dehumidifier and looks like I won’t have the problem since I caught it early and the peroxide and vinegar had been soaking into the walls so I doubt the mold will come back as long as I keep it dry will post updates tomorrow. Thick clouds everybody


Oh no that’s a pain in the rear. Hopefully you can figure out a way to divert the water for future. That’s not something you want to fight everytime it rains.


Well I’m not to worried about coming in as long as it goes right out that’s y I deep cleaned all the nooks an crannys


Good point. I suppose it could’ve been much worse had it not drained out.


It didn’t drain out 2 days ago that’s y the mold happened puddle was in there for over a day and it’s happened before but Gona by afternoon usually I had to get vac to get dry and when it happened again next morning I knew it wasent gonna dry with out me doing something so I decided to pull the girls out when I was planing to do it upon completion to avoid disturbing anything but the buds are so immature I’d rather do it now then HAVE TO do it towed the end of flower by this afternoon I’ll know if what I did made any progress if the floor days it’s self by night time and it just poured again and the dehume needs a pan cuz it’s working good but just dumping right back on floor I guess I need to make something up or put a towel in a pan and just ring it out daily that’d what I’ve started doing… Open to suggestion people


My old dehumidifier had a option to attach a hose where the bucket was. Even if yours doesn’t you might be able to rig one up and route the hose out to a safe area to drain away.


Yea it’s 8,000btu free standing Haier ac /dehu/fan filter got brand new at a pawn shop for 190$😎


Wow you got a heck of a deal!


Ursula was a stunted due to quick dirt I had to use temp moved her into some flush Ed ffsf so hope fully she snapped out of it soon cuz Medusa is growing snakes up there pictures tomarrow


Hope all your troubles are through. I’m along for the ride.


Thanks bro but it turned out all my gorilla glue were unviable they never made it past the cotyledons on 8 seeds so I gave up on em I moved all monster cookies process over to the gsc x purple x