Gorilla glue autos

Whats the average amount of days from sprout to finish

Welcome back my experience with autos they usually take about as long as photos. I know you asked for a number so I’m going to say average 115 days. I haven’t been able to get any to finish in 3 months maybe other people have I don’t know. Hope that helps good luck


Hi, I’m growing GG Autos and I’ve grown Fem seeds before in hydro, but it’s been years and this is my first time with soil/coco and an autoflower strain. I opted to try pot for pot due to convenience while I get materials for my final grow space. It’s been about 2 and a half weeks since I started germination, and a week since she sprouted above soil. She came up with her seed still attached, which I’ve never seen before. I read online that it was ok, and It’s fallen off now, yet very little to no growth and her cotyledons haven’t opened completely. They look damaged or underdeveloped almost. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Can’t decide to let her keep trying to grow or germinate another seed. Thank you all!

What happened? What light?

Sorry nobody responded when you posted months ago but I just happened to see your post now.

Looks to me like your soil was too wet. Also I’ve noticed abnormalities in my plants if the seed stays on and won’t let go.

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