Gorilla Glue autos - outdoor So Calif

I planted some outdoor GG autos in So. Calif on Sept 2019. I planted 2 seeds in ground and 1 in a 5 gallon fabric pot. It has been approximately 4 months and the plants are not flowering and the ones in the ground are quiet small.

Is this lack of flowering and small size normal for this auto strain? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


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I think you are dealing with lethargic growth based on when you planted. Cold weather and shorter days have not provided the optimal growth for them.

I’m in so cal and grow outdoors but with photoperiod strains.

Another so cal grower shared this calendar with me but for clones. 4 harvests per year!

So cal outdoor grow schedule

Jan 1st = Harvest, Set out clones, Take cuts for next set of clones

March 15th = Repeat

June 1st = Repeat

Oct 15th. = Repeat

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I will definitely try a photoperiod strain on next grow. Will these lethargic plants eventually flower? Or should I cut my losses and pull them and wait to grow again?

I bet they will flower. I would keep them happy and see what happens.

They will flower, their structure looks Intresting. Very tight and bushy so they are getting good light I assume.

@AAA you know so cal so you would be able to confirm that temp/lighting issue

@Pocoloco what is your temp swings and how much sunlight are they getting.
I would imagine autos would do great in so cal if it’s not to cold and the soils right so I’m sort of wondering how you went about planting these?
Did you amend the soil at all? Are you watering PH 6.5 water?

What’s in the 5 gallon pot soil wise?

Autos grow fast and yeild pretty decent if given the right tools but they are a bit picky and if you don’t give them the right environment they just don’t grow or flower big.

I would challenge you to grow an auto in a 5 gallon bucket, but at the right time temp wise, with the right soil feeding ph’d water it will be done faster than your photos but depending on your veg time of photos may yeild less

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Overall we have great weather year round, so your inquiry into the soil might just be the issue. Good call @Nicky.

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Well by the morphology of the plant it looks like tight nodes and bushy… That’s why I suspect soil/PH issues.

As fo flowering genetic issues with autos from some breeders, I find ILGM autos to have this complaint. I can’t get their seeds here in Canada but if I did I would stick to their photos for this reason and go with a different breeder for autos.

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I hate autos.

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Y??? Go on

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Thanks for all the feedback. I didn’t amend the soil but have been feeding them Fox Farm products. Also, been feeding water from the faucet. I am going to do some research on the pH balances. New to growing so I definitely have a lot to learn.

They are on their own schedule and I don’t believe the quality is on par with photoperiod plants.

But admittedly I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to cannabis genetics.

To be honest as much as I love this community and believe in ILGM photo genetics… Their autos are consistently on their own scedule meaning not stable genetics.

I think if you were growing some of the top autoflower genetics that are potent and stable you would change your tone.
I hear great things about mephiso and I have a couple fastbuds, currently growing a lemon ak auto so we will see how it goes, but ask @Not2SureYet and others that grows both photo and autos.
I will admit that there are lots of companies out there selling autos with unstable auto genetics, low thc values, I don’t like almost all of the thc to cbd ratios and just not the strongest plants.
That being said there are good auto genetics out there you just have to put in more leg work to find the good ones and go with reputable breeders that are known for their autos.

Photos are great and they will always be the gold standard but thst being said regular photos are also said to be better than fems and you see everyone buying fems…

Autos are soooo much easier to grow (if you know the basics of environment) no trimming, no light changes, not light sentive, plant an auto in a 10g bag and feed it 6.5 ph water until harvest with only adjusting light height? Doesn’t get any easier than that.

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What is the difference between photoperiods and feminized seeds? Most seed banks either sell autos or feminized.

@Nicky I hear what you are saying, but I do believe that there is a hierarchy to genetics.

  • regular, the gold standard

  • feminized a step down, missing the male side of chromosomes.

  • autos- missing the male chromosomes and crossed by an inferior plant that mostly is used for its early flowering.

So I’m sure certain autos are superior to other autos, but that’s the like the one eyed man being king in the land of the Blind.

I respect you man but I disagree =p

You veg a photo the same length as an auto and flip it, running a modern genetic from a quality auto breeder, and compare them.

There are hardy, fast growing, high thc, stable genetics out there that would stand right beside any photo if not beat them =p

Unfortunately I’m not willing to waste soil or time on an auto, so I can’t challenge you with results.

But out of sheer blind faith ignorance I will say that all things equal, an auto will never beat a photo!

Of course we would have to define “beat”.

So, what auto strains have you grown that were impressive?

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Lol I love the honesty if I knew how to quote you I would.

Last year was my first year growing indoor so lots of newb errors I would say at the start followed by learning how to control my environment, as you know autos only have that limited veg time and with my high head and low humidity I think I can greatly increase gains once I learn how to get my environment better controlled.
As for impressive I would say that’s relative, I think the auto strain I grew the best and harvested the best average (4oz per plant average) considering my treatment was Auto cheese by crop King but it’s a cbd strain and I honestly felt it was the strain I liked the least. Again I gave it all to my dads and he gave some to a friend of his who he phoned me to tell me it was to date his favourite strain… Lol I was shocked.

I’m now growing a northern lights auto from sensi seeds and a lemon ak auto from fast buds so we will see how they do, temps are high and humidity is low for the last 3 weeks but I’m in a new grow room and just learning how to control my new tent/grow room.
I grew royal seeds cbd stress killer and it was a weak genetic, I want to try it again but yeah that was a flop had some issues and plant never really flattened up just stringy buds.

I’ve grown Barney’s farm cbd lemon potion twice now and they are good genetics, produce nice plants with fart buds but its to early to tell if the smokes good. Again had heat issues early on for about a month and a half or maybe two… Still produced 6.7oz off two plants.

I hope to dial in my grow environment on this grow and then going forward really start to see what some of these top genetics from fastbuds, mephisto, etc can do.
It takes me alot longer than most because I only get 7 days a month at home =(

Once I get my environment dialed in I’m going to be growing photos in the other tent, my 2x4 with a 320xl hlg so I’ll do a same time flip and tag you in it lol.

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sounds like you will be doing the photo vs auto on you side. So much easier to just watch you do the work! but I think its a hard comparison to make when you don’t have the luxury of correcting mistakes because the auto waits for no one!

Interested to see the results.

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I am in Orange County and planted about the same time. Here is a link to my thread about the same subject:

I recently grew a grey beard purple haze auto which I admit didn’t turn too purple even with low night temps hovering at 60F, but I did end of with 9ozs of usable high quality smoke (seed to harvest 80 days)!