Gorilla glue autos, need some help please

This is my 4th grow and it was going great. Planted them in nursery bags, let them grow out and then put them in 3 gal radicle bags. They were in my small tent (2x2, sf1000 light) until my big tent opened up (2x4, 260r spec light) and I moved them in there.
I started the 260 r spec at half strength and slowly moved it up to max. Light started out at roughly 18” above the canopy, but I moved it up to 2 feet last night.
I can’t find the support ticket layout, but I’ll try to wing it.
Gorilla glue autos-ILGM—-day 50 from seed+- a few days (sorry I don’t have my notes in front of me)
Happy frog soil/perlite
Hlg 260r-spec
Just started 1/4 strength fox farms trio on Saturday. Today is another feed day, was going to move up to half strength.
Ph of water going in 6.6 going in.
Run off from last feed (Saturday)
1: 6.6/1450
2: 6.4/1510

My #1 plant (left side) is having issues. I’m thinking it’s hungry since I waited so long to feed it. Was giving it calmag throughout, but probably on the lighter side.
I didn’t notice too much discoloration on #2, mainly on 1.
What do you guys think it is? Hungry? More calmag? Heat stress from moving tents? Something else entirely?
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With those rust colored spots, it immediately makes me think cal-mag. Your ph seems good so with the high end lights and being in flower I’d say go full strength with the cal-mag. Some of the others you tagged may have a better diagnosis. :+1:


Yeah my first thoughts as @Bulldognuts mentioned go with full strength cal-mag next watering.


Thanks guys, that was my initial thought as well. I hit it with 10 ml of calmag 2 days ago and will continue going forward.
Is 10ml enough or considered full strength, or should I add more you think?


The cal-mag I use considers 5 ml per gallon as full strength. So I would go with whatever the cal-mag you’re using recommends as full strength.


Thinking along the same lines too. With the more intense lighting they will take up more. Hope it helps man!


Lowing light power a tad while they adjust may help take some pressure off. Something I’ve been playing with a bit.


Sort of mad at myself for switching it up midway, it I figured it would be an easy switch, but I’m running into these stupid issues.

They’re gonna bounce back just fine. I did kinda the same thing, went from 600watt hps to hlg600 mid grow. Ended up with a bit of cal-mag def and had to lower the light intensity a bit. Once everyone was back on track and happy they took off to the races and I was able to crank the light back up a bit at a time


Fosho will bounce back! You got this man

Reason I’ve been playing with light intensity is due a similar prob. The gal effected out shined some of the others in the long run!

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I don’t grow in soil. But would think epsom salt might be better to use in soil. I think to much cal mag can cause lock out issue as well. Full strength to me is 2.5ml I normally use 1.25 I am in coco though and have learned over time where the sweet spot for it is in my grows at least. I am sure the soil growers will get you fixed up :grin: @Hellraiser and @Arrow are good in soil. They may have some thoughts


I’m an organic grower, I’m no good at salts, and have no idea on ratios etc…( 99% of these products don’t ship to my country ) I however do believe you have a cal/mag and or watering issue…check VPD as well… @Hellraiser may be able to help …:sunglasses::v:


Yep, they look hungry and in need of more calmag, up the nutes and full dose of calmag for a while.


Thanks guys, I’ll hit them with some nutes tonight at water time, check ph and ppm in the run off and go from there.
Think I should add calmag to the nutes? I usually don’t and only add it on non feed days.

Sorry: been running today.

So I see definite need to supplement calcium and likely magnesium as well. You also have beginning N toxicity which I believe a flush and reset should address. FF soil/nutes do recommend flushing at certain points in the grow as their line of nutes does build up and needs to be flushed periodically.

Lights should be at or near full power at this point and over the course of the next few weeks ramped back down ahead of harvest (this will help prevent late-term foxtailing).

Plant looks pretty good, all things considered.


Watered last night with half strength fox farms trio.
Also turned my light back down to half and let em buck. Plants looked good after watering, but tired this morning.
No pictures today, but run off numbers were HIGH!

Will wait until Friday and might give them a good flush and go from there. What say you guys?