Gorilla glue autos heat issues

since the advertisement on gorilla glue autos says it can handle cooler climate i am wondering how high a temp they can handle? my grow room is staying in the 88 degree range and thats as low as i can get it. i have the ipower 600 watt mh/hps light with the enclosed hood that takes a 6 inch inline fan i have it set up and venting outside. if i lower the switch on the ballast to 400 i can stay about 80, and i have managed to keep humidity pretty steady at 50 %. im just worried once i swap to flowering bulb and let it go full 600 watts its going to get too hot. so jonestly i know i t isnt optima l but how hot can it get in therte before i hafta worry about it wrecking my plants? i intend to get a room ac for it as soon as finances allow


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88 degree range and thats as low as i can get it.

Put your the back of your hand where the canopy is, and it shouldn’t feel too hot. I’m not super familiar with HPS temperatures and what they should be. I know my tent gets a little warm too, but I keep it around 85. I’m LED so it’s a little different. @dbrn32 might be able say if it’s okay or not.

yeah i keep the hood about 24 inches above the starts and they do not feel hot nor does the back of my hand when at canopy level its just the room temp that concerns me.

Canopy level is what’s important here. Cannabis can handle 88°F, but I don’t think I would want it to be much hotter than that. It’s definitely on the edge of being too hot.

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Agree that 88F is pushing the limit. Fans and adequate exhaust from your tent/room can help, as can drawing your input air from another room.

I run 600w HPS and push 84 to 86 degree’s. Agree with others, lots of air circulation in tent. If you can lower your lung room a few degrees it will help. If your tent is by a window, black out curtains help. I also put my intake by my a/c exhaust.

Should be fine. If your exhaust has settings, higher pull will also lower is slightly.

Good luck!

First timer here, but @dbrn32, recommended trying to follow a vpd chart, and it has helped me. Attached for reference. I try to stay in the green zone.

Good luck!

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Here is a pic of my Gorilla Glue Auto, week 8 starts tomorrow. My temps have been as high as 82, and low as 69, it doesn’t appear to have hurt them much. This is my furthest along.


82 adn 69 are good. I get no worries unless I am pushing 90 or 60.

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Good to follow vpd, but in case of hps grow you should aim for canopy temp around 78f with proper rh.

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wow so much good info… i will try adding fans as i have a couple. . i move alot of stuff around nad so now use an entire room ( mostly cus i felt the closet typ space was too confined and i felt the light would have a harder time heating an entire room.) i did not however consider an inflow i just figured cracks in the doorframe etc would allow air to enter the space the room isnt super well sealed because 1 they are autos so light not an issue and 2 aroma is not an issue for me in any way. my exhaust fan has neither setting or a switch plug it in to turn it on. the room i use has no windows , i will look into that vpd chart . not sure how the pressure thing works tho i mena i know how to read a chart i can easily see temp and humidity but like so if im at 88 the chart says i ned 80% or atleast thats how im interpreting it i amy be wrong but if u slide down 80 percent and across 88 it shows 0.90 what does that number represent ? and the pic looks awesome . thank you all only allowed so many replys so trying to get everyonein 1