Gorilla glue autoflowers

8 weeks indoor grow, yellow leaves alll the sudden? Very new to this and not sure what to do.

https://photos.app.goo.gl/HghLbjwNMuSTD2917. Not sure how to post pics?

The circled icon push on it and then you can post pics

Looks to me like heavy potassium deficiency, if your medium has a bacteria base add 2 Tbsp of molasses and 1/2-1 tsp of Epsom salt daily to every gallon of water until you finish if you have any 486 roughly fertilizer it probably wouldnt hurt to feed those fattening buds

Here are some better pics in better lighting, also I am using pro mix which I have included a pic of. I am used to outdoor grows and this is first autoflowers and indoor ever! Thank you for your help!!!

is this supplement sufficient or should I go with the molasses and epsom? I haven’t used any of it yet. Have been using tiger bloom but will get what you recommend! Like I said, outdoor I am comfortable with and they are beautys but this is new and don’t want to screw it up to bad? Thanks again!

Also how do I tell when they are ready to harvest? I know they aren’t ready now but are they same as the Dems outdoors? Thanks again!

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Usually when all the pistil have changed color receded back in the buds some is normally a good time to start watching trics with a jewellers loupe or a use microscope