Gorilla glue autoflower

Hey bro sorry to be a pain in the@ss but I was wondering if you could possibly give me a quick rundown of what I should do when I harvest to make it the best I can, and minimize if not eliminate the possibility of mold or Bud rot.(humidity levels,best temperature, etc.) Any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated and I will return the favor if ever given the opportunity. Thanks again. @Hogmaster


So I was thinking about pulling one of my girls very soon as was wondering if anyone out there has any advice on how to do that, I am fairly new and very worried about screwing up now that I have gotten this far. Any and ALL advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

Just a little update: I have decided to take the top half of one of the girls in order to let the rest of the plant mature alittle bit longer
So far the half I took weighed in at 58grams wet and trimmed, the top Bud or Head Bud itself weighed 44 of that. Not sure when I will be taking the other half of that plant or pulling up the other 5 girl’s but I will post updates along the way.

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A few pictures…


pic of the drying room and a couple Bud pic’s!!!


Here are some pics at day 40

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Hey man, I’m a newbie and I’d like to ask you some questions. I know you’re new too, but this grow you’ve done I want to copy exactly because it looks so good! What I’m struggling with, is believing that you haven’t fed your plants once and yet achieved such awesome results. If this is true can you link me to the soil you bought?

Hey bro sorry for the delayed response… although the soil is very important, there was sooo much more involved in getting them to that point. But I will Answer any questions you may have and help you out with all I can. The soil I used is called Fox farms ocean Forest

  1. Is it correct that didn’t use any nutrients at all until the very end?
  2. Did you buy the soil at a gardening shop?

Hey @OzzyIsaacs, Welcome to the forum.
Fox Farms soil is very popular among growers. Here is a link to find local sellers.
If you can find a local seller its much cheaper than ordering online.
I pay about $17 for a large bag,online it can be over $30

@Dave22 Sorry for a late response. When I am looking at trichomes I do look at about the middle of the plant. As the trichomes will finish faster up top than in the middle.:+1::+1::+1:

@OzzyIsaacs Yes that is correct I didn’t add any additional nutrients AT ALL during the entire grow,and Yes I bought the soil at a regular hydroponic store but you can get it in a number of places

I really appreciate that, thank you. The problem is I live in Australia and I’ve been spending all day trying to find a reasonable substitute.

Update on the girls:
This Thursday will be 13 week’s from seed I believe… about week 9 of flower. I have already taken the top half of one of the girls and was planning to pull up the other half of her this morning along with another whole plant that I think is ready, but I ended up putting it off this morning until tomorrow morning as to give me a chance to get everything ready to go. Also I was hoping to be able to harvest one plant a week or so until they are All done to make it easier for me but it looks like it’s not going to work out that way. As always more updates to come!

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Another update: this morning just about an hour or so before lights on I chopped down the bottom half of the one I already took the top from last Sunday morning. Bottom half weighed in at 66 gram’s wet/trimmed, so total wet and trimmed weight for that girl was 124 gram’s. I will be taking down the next one very soon, I’m just trying to let the soil dry out alittle more first. As always more updates and pics to come!

You should be able to build your own complete soil from locally available ingredients. It’ll be discrete and easy to do. You’ll need to buy more amendments than you need to one run, but it’s still affordable in the long run.

Search for Subcool’s Supersoil for a recipe. There are plenty of other super soil versions out there.

If you want to buy a comparable bagged soil locally, explain that you’re growing tomatoes in containers. Compare the ingredients to the soil recipes, and read reviews on cannabis forums before you commit.

Lastly, you can still top dress and/or water in nutrients if you have problems. Most importantly, you’re going to want a good pH meter to make sure you’re in the right zone for bioavailability.

Thank you for the advice!

@Dave22 Congrats on your awesome result! Could you let us know what the final dry weight of the harvest is please?


Just wanted to post a few pictures: