Gorilla Glue autoflower not growing-indoor grow

From a fellow grower: Have gorilla glue auto started to bud little yellow buds then stopped growing:
Gorilla glue auto.temp is70-75when sleeping,75-81 when lights on.humidity averages60-70%.2 marstsl2000 in4×4tent.feed is calmag,veg and bloom.lights are 18/6

You’ll want to get that lower for flowering or you will risk mold, mildew, and possibly bud rot at some point down the road.

She’s probably stopped growing because the “stretch” is over and she won’t grow much more. That said, somewhere along flowering the flowers will swell up and increase in size. This usually starts during the 5th or 6th week of flowering.


Those buds will bulk up. Patience grasshopper.