Gorilla Glue Autoflower leafs

Hello everyone:
Today Is the 4th day from planting my first seed(GG autoflower). Today I noticed a couple of leafs curling down and was wondering, If is looking normal or Im doing something wrong? Been trying to keep the jiffy pellet damp but not soaked. So if anything I might be underwatering? Thanks in advance:)

Light: Led 100w actual watts(mars hydro ts 600). 24in distance
temperature:80 degrees Fahreinheit
7 ph water

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Let her rip tater chip .weed is very resilient I c a lot of first time growers stress out about the little things .just keep reading and learning and reading in no time you w will come to an understanding


Welcome to ILGM forum. Those are your Cotyledons that supplies what your seedlings needs until leaves get fully formed. Your leaves are starting to form and look healthy. I noticed that your seedling is leaning quite a bit. Do have it centered under light. Stem looks healthy so it shouldn’t be leaning that much unless it’s leaning towards light.

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IDKS, but when it is time to transplant, carefully cut off that mesh bag around the jiffy pot pellet and thrown it out before going into that larger container. Good Luck.


HI! Yes, I did not make any measurements of where to place the plant, just tried my best guess to center it at 24in distance

OK, just wanted to make sure that you had it centered. Like I said it looks good.

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Welcome to the forum. Happy Growing :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

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Thanks for the reply!

welcome to the Forum @eddy360

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