Gorilla Glue Autoflower Grow #2

What’s up everyone,
I just wanted to get things ready for grow#2. The first Grow went rather well I think so I decided to go with the same strain, soil, and light schedule, and there will definitely be some changes along the way,for starters I will be doing 12-15 plants this time instead of the six I did last time.
Grow room updates, before and after pics, and any and all changes and thing’s done along the way will be posted. I am pretty new to this myself but I hope to be able to help anyone I can and as always learn more from people as well.
I will be germinating the new seeds in the next day or two, and getting the new soil and everything ready to go. The seeds are gorilla glue autoflower from ILGM same as last time and they have already been received. Have a great night everyone and as always updates to come!!


Update #1

          To be used for this Grow-

Lights: 630 Watt vivosun CMH
Soil: Fox farms ocean Forest
Seeds: Gorilla Glue Autoflower by ILGM
Pots: 3½ gal.(May decide to go bit bigger) Lighting in the beginning stage will be a 4ft. 4 bulb,t5 set up as it puts off ALOT less heat than the CMH does, and will be traded out for the cmh after about 3-4 week’s. Lighting schedule in the beginning will be 24/7 as well until I change to the cmh and I, at that time, will switch to 18/6 until I harvest at the end. Grow room- 5½/6½/7ft.tall, there is a regular sized window (I guess) on one side of the room that will be used for ventilation if needed but I so far have gotten around using it. The room itself was an unused half bath that has since been gutted and The walls will be lined entirely with Mylar.

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Good luck Dave22 and tag me in for the ride!

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You got it! @LandShark :+1:

Hey I’m under to autos and going to start my 1st grow that I actually take care and feed them. They happen to be Gorrila glue as well. Just dropped seeds yesterday.
Second round of seeds. I got 5 before and not one of them germinated. Trying the last 3 of the replacements cause 1st 2 didnt as well. So I ask this is your second try did you have similar problems with seeds.

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@cheftoddvd4420 where did you get the seeds from that you had the problems with?

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From ilgm and it starting to look like they might not work either

Okay so my first round of seed’s I did have trouble germinating but I did end up with 6 out of the ten seed’s and I have not started the New one’s as of now. How did you try to germinate them?

In cup of water for 72 hrs. Then into toweling not if not cracked yet. But should know by tonight

Hey bud @Cheftodd420 how did the seed’s turn out?

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Update on the status of my grow:
Today I finished removing the sink that was left from the bathroom, because it was completely unusable and took up ALOT of room. After removing the sink I covered the remaining Wall with Mylar reflection as I have already done with the opposite wall. I then installed the t5 light’s and added a small humidifier for the start of the grow. As I have said before I will be using the t5’s for the beginning stages as it gives off a whole lot less heat than the CMH does. As for pictures, I will be posting some of the “New and approved” room very soon. More updates to come! Have a great night everyone!


Just had 4 Auto Gorilla Glue fail to pop out of shell that I got from ILGM on 1-10-2020… tried for 2 weeks be starting over last nite… soaked for 24 hrs in shot glass and now in paper towel in zip lock and paper bag. I tried everything I could think of to get first 4 to open and never did.
Good Luck… Happy Growing!

I took 12 gorilla glue autoflower seed’s from ILGM and put them in a glass of warm distilled water last night around 6pm, as of right now they have All sank to the bottom. I plan to take the 12 seed’s around 6pm tonight and put them All in a damp paper towel and in a Ziploc bag. If all goes well I hope to see Roots in the next day or two. Once I have a nice root system tap roots, I will be planting them in black and gold seedling mix in smaller seed starter pots until ready to be transplanted into their " forever" home’s with FFOF soil. More updates to come…

Just wanted to post a few pictures while I have a chance…

So out of the 12 seed’s I germinated it looks like I’m going to end up with 8 plants. IDK what happened with the other ones I did them all together the same way. I still have another 8 seed’s from the same order that I will be trying to germinate as well, so finger’s crossed :crossed_fingers:. As for the 8 seed’s that seemed to take so far I have put them All in the starter pots with the black and gold seedling mix, and underneath the t5’s. As always more updates and pictures to come!

Have you said anything to ILGM about the non-poppers? A 66% germination rate leaves something to be desired. These beans ain’t cheap!

I did email them about it, just waiting to hear back to see what I should do. And it’s actually alittle less than 66% out of the 12 I tried I only ended up with 7. You’re absolutely right about that man these seed’s are not cheap,at all.

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I started 10 gga4 1/21. 1 germinated and is doing great. Iilgm replaced and 6/10 grew. Almost like they pop, then rot inside their helmet.