Gorilla Glue Auto white cotton top

Good to know what it is if they come up


@beardless They tend to stand out with that light yellow color.


Thank you everyone for your input.
I had to look it up, I do know what an nanner is now.

This is my first grow first real grow, 20 + years ago me and my friend did a little indoor gig but we went about it completely different there was no internet for us to get educated.

My guess is that that the white on top is just bleaching from the light and it won’t affect the plant itself when it comes to harvest is this right ?

As far as the nanners go I’m not completely sure how , I’ve checked many many times and it is completely dark in the room. There was a red light on a plug I had in the room before I wired my room correctyl But that was taped up. I definitely do periodic checks in there and it is completely dark I have been in there taking pictures with my flash on my phone I don’t know if that could trigger a nanner.
My temps had never gone above 77/78 untill I dropped the hummidity and I did not think they were stressed but I am new.

I did Harvest 1 blueberry Auto and the top of my G6 plant so light can get down to the lower parts.
The G6 was from a seed I found in a Bud I would assume because this came from the dispensary that it would have been a feminize plan but I don’t know how that works, how The Growers do it but it did have nanners in it and some seed.
Can a feminized plant produce male seeds or would they be female?
This is all personal smoke and I started smoking in the early 80s so I definitely have experience with seedy weed. So a seed or two+ isn’t going to hurt my feelings horribly bad LOL.

Is this something that will continue?
I have a veg room that is ready to move in as soon as I cut these down I have no light leaks and I will limit my picture taking I hope this isn’t a trend that continues.

Since I brought up the first part of my Harvest…
I had plants hanging in a room with air circulating at 42% humidity and 71 degrees hung Thursday night and last night I put it in jars I believe it was getting to dry.
It looks like I’m hovering around 48 to 51% humidity in the jars so far I think it got a little dry I didn’t expect it to get dry that fast.
I would post a picture but like every thread I have started it will not let me post picture anymore so will re ask this in a new thread, Lol.

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Here are the pics

So is the white top ok?..
Cut it away when I harvest?
Smoke it up?

Yeah seen this yesterday and was still curious what is doing with her.

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Ya I am also.
I will assume that the Nanner was more devastating then the top as the nanner became the topic of conversation, LOL.
I am guessing to close to the light and bleaching as someone said.

I think I would have just cut that top right off and looked really good at the rest of the plant for any more nanners… depending on how close to harvest you are let it go

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Ya it is close to harvest but have others that still have time. I will take the nanner down and keep my eyes on the situation.
So is the white top a result of the nanner or did the nanner just happen to pop out there?

Is the room compromised with pollen and will bringing new plants in get them pollinated even though it is gone?

Im sure everything in the room now has been violated … pollinated, so all old should be removed before new is brought in?


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I would say the nanner just happened to come up there… also I think you should be fine as long as you catch the nanners before they open up and spew pollen out all over the place, I have found quite a few throughout my grows and I just pull them off and have been fine no seed’s. That being said after your grow finishes up as far as the rest of the plants go, and before putting anything else in or starting more plants I would take EVERYTHING out of the room and clean/disinfect everything to be sure. Other than that good luck :+1: looks good! Oh and the"White"top I have no idea what it is, but I would guess light bleaching

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Thank You for your input

I also have these on mine are these those weed sacks? Or anything to be worried about?

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I can because I grew a male on purpose. So one way to check things like mold is use a Jeweler Loupe. I am surprised people don’t think of it. But then again I was a Biochemistry major in college. Hmmm…maybe why my plants are out of this world.


I’ve literally just ordered a jewellers loupe right now :joy: has a 30X and a 60X magnifier on it and a light so hope that’ll be enough, is the flowering stage quite slow by the way?


Congratulations it’s female.

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Thanks brooo :laughing:

No prob there bro those things are just swollen female calyxes :+1: