Gorilla Glue Auto stuck in preflower?

Have 5 Low Ryder and 6 Gorilla Glue, all AF, all same age, all same conditions. One Gorilla Glue, looks more photo that auto, has preflowered and stalled there. Lights are 24/7. All others have flowered and are stacking except this odd girl.

Did notice in general that Gorilla Glue Autos seem slow to flower, Ryders were showing pistils 7-10 days before Gorillas.


Try upping the phosphorus. See if they take the hint.

Miscount on my part 7 GG auto, 5 LR auto.

All raised together, same water, same food, same light, same temp.

Plants have been rotated to avoid same position for to long.

This particular GG auto girl looks like a photo in preflower, other 6 gg’s are flowering and stacking. 5 lr’s are furthur ahead. May be a genetic thing. I’ve grown quite a few autos, this is a first for me. Ill try to take and post a pic.

Cant get a good pic that illustrates the situation. Moved her into 8 hours darkness past two nights. Not sure if its a coincidence or not but the flowering seems to be progressing. All other AF in grow are as expected and approx 30 days for finish. This odd girl is just getting started. She is forming the upward, angled growth that I normally see in photo plants when theyre getting ready. Dont recall an AF doing that before, I’ve grown a few.