Gorilla Glue Auto straight from Portugal

HEEEEEY THERE! 2X2X4 GROW TENT ALREADY SET Im so HYPEDDDD! maybe tomorrow or Friday I will get the seeds. MAJOR UPDATE: IM GOING TO PLANT GREEN GELATO AUTO (not Gorilla Glue as I said).


I have a question for anyone who can help me with it. So, today my equipment came home a long with the nutrients. I bought 3 BioBizz products: FishMix, BioBloom and Top Max. How would you recommend me to feed the plants, any schedule?

SEEDS ARRIVED!!! already doing the paper towel method to sprout the roots


Its now been 24 hours since I put the seed on the paper towel, but I don’t see any diference, should I be worried?

@Covertgrower can you help me on this one?

Sometimes you get a stubborn one, and they do t come out of the shell for another 48 hours. I’ve had some go for 5 days before they finally come out enough to place in medium.
As long as your environment is 75-80°F they should come out.

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Ok i will wait! Thank you.

DAY 1- Tap roots from Green Gelato seed sprouted and I already put them on the pots. How often should I water and how much?

DAY 2 - 1 of the 2 seeds already sprouted!

DAY 3 - 1st seed that sprouted, I can see already the first 2 leaves. The other seed is starting to sprout too.


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DAY 6- Already started feeding the older plant with 0.5ml/L of Fish Mix.

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DAY 9 - The smallest plant has grown, but today I saw some weird white/yellow marks on the leaves. What can it be? @Covertgrower any help?

Could be light burn, or the leaf got wet then burned it.

Should be worried? @Covertgrower

You may want to reconsider running nutes so quickly, especially if your medium is FFOF which is already fairly hot, especially for seedlings so no need to really add anything but PD’d water for about 4 weeks, what is your PH at?

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Actually im not using FFOF im using Light Mix BioBizz thats why im already started giving 0,5ml/L of FishMix.

I see, my apologies, I noticed earlier that you were thinking about FFOF, I shouldn’t have just assumed.

No problem mate! Shall the plant recover from the burn or should I be worried?

Should be ok, looks like you may have accidentally gotten water on it while watering. In that big of a bag, you might think of using a syringe if you have one, that way you won’t get any water on the leaves. Just remember that less is better. Also, you might consider placing a clear plastic dome over it for a bit to help keep the humidity up, just make sure you spray a little water inside the dome before covering it.


Agreed. :point_up::point_up:

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