Gorilla Glue Auto straight from Portugal

Hey there stoners! So first of all im going to present myself: my name is Alex, Im 18 years old and im from Portugal and this week I decided to ask my dad if I could plant weed at home. He was ok with it so the most difficult part is done. Then I was searching for seeds and I choose the Gorilla Glue Auto. I think it was a good choice. This week Im going to start ordering all the BASIC material I need.
However, I have some questions that I would like you to answer me (Im a first grower, don’t judge me).

  1. Should I buy an organic soil anda buy some nutrients to add when im watering or should I order a good and rich soil like FOX FARMS OCEAN FOREST and only give it water with no additional nutrients and fertilizers?
  2. Im going to use a fluorescent lamp (20W) on the vegetative stage and a HPS lamp (250W) for the flowering stage, am I doing it right?
  3. Since I am planting only one seed for now, Im only going to buy 1 fan. Is it ok? Or I need more?
    This are the main questions I have, but if you want to give more tips for this autogrower seed I will be appreciated. Im aiming to post here the full cycle of growing of my plant so stay tuned!
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This stuff is great.

That will work.

One exhaust fan, and a couple of fans for air circulation inside the tent.


Hey there, thank you for answering me! Since then I´ve been searching a lot and I’m going to buy a soil that is rich on nutrients and fertilizers, but it says that only feeds the plant until the 3rd and 4th week. Should I buy some nutrients or can I just water the plant? If so, which nutrients would you recommend?
About the lights Im actually going for 400W both fluorescent and HPS.
For the fans Im going to stick with 2 fans because I don’t really have a tent and can’t afford an exhaust fan.

I recommend Jacks Nutrients. It’s really easy, and follows the same nutrient recipe from start to finish.
FFOF is good soil and does feed for about 4 weeks.


Welcome to the forum. Good to have someone another Portuguese here!!! Not from Portugal but my grandparents were!

This is a great place. Lots of info to take in and so many helpful people. Good luck with your grow Alex


I second the Jacks 321 if you can get it shipped to Portugal.

Hey, thank you for your warm welcome! So I have a problem here… Winter is coming her in Portugal, and normally my rooms here at my house can reach to 90% RH which is not good for my auto grower. I actually have dehumidifier but I don’t want to have it on 24/7 otherwise I will pay a lot of electricity. Can you give me any suggestion?

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Thank you for the suggestion, but I can’t afford that nutrients, is very expensive for my budget. Thank you anyways man!

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Hey bro! I need an advice, hope you can help me with it. So this next week my tent and all my material is coming, but I have a problem here. Where I live temp gets really cold on the next month till January/February, and my room also gets very cold. Can you give me any suggestion to raise my grow tent temp if I need to? I can’t afford an heater, but it must be another way to solve this problem.

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Hey there! I am also growing GG Auto in FFOF soil. When I am growing in FFOF I usually do not add any nutrients until they start to flower. What are your current temperatures in your tent? Have you put your hps light in there yet?

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Hps lights produce a lot of heat compared to an LED light. So it will help heat your tent and with the heat your humidity will lower


@SuarezzzVibes before we all start giving you different options and opinions can you clarify some things for us.

How cold is cold? Cannabis can survive 10-12c
You plan to grow inside? Have you thought this out?
If you grow inside you need to vent your exhaust air outside, even more so if humidity is a problem already.

You talk about cost issues and heat issues,
I would suggest against a HPS light because they are very energy intensive and create to much heat.
Jack’s is a very cheap nutrient but they don’t ship to many places so your best bet is to go down to your local grow store and buy something that is common.
Fox farms, general hydroponics etc.

My step mom’s from Azores!

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I agree. Hps would be best, heat and light output.


But electricity is a cost for him and in the summer it gets really hot so a led would be better suited to growing round the clock.
Then again I just simply can’t recommend anyone use HPS… Lol

Actually I didn’t started the whole process because I didn’t order all the stuff yet. But yea I will but HPS light on the grow tent.

When winter come my room temp can go to 8-12 Cº. The main problem is the humidity. At this moment my room is at 16ºC and 85% RH. Yea I plan to grow at my bedroom with a grow tent and I will order an exhaust fan. Actually Im going to buy an HPS light so I can get some heat inside of the grow tent but I feel that won’t be enough when winters come.

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click on forum. you will see a beginner grow section. click on how to plan a successful grow and all kinds of stuff you should read before you jump in. you will need everyone on here to hold your hand thru your first grow and they will, but you need to give yourself an advantage and read read read. good luck!


So you have a 400w HPS for flower (and what for a veg? 400w Ceramic metal halide is what works well or a metal halide)
One GG Auto in soil (ensure you mix with at least 30% perlite) hope you go with a fabric pot and not plastic.
Have you chose a nutrient yet from your local resources? don’t be sweating to much just pick something that fits your price range and ensure it or the website for the company has a feed chart.
You are going to get two fans.

Okay where do you plan to set this all up? Because that light is going to be powered 18hr a day and the space will heat up with your lighting fairly quickly, also you want air circulation of some sort otherwise the plant will starve fo co2.

Hi everyone, sorry for being off for some days. Today all the equipment came home, already installed the tent and the lights, but I bought an inline fan and I don’t know how to install it can you help me? I think I have to connect the inline fan to the magnetic ballast, but I don’t know how to do it or if it really is like that.

UPDATE: Made the installation of the inline fan by myself eheheh soon im going to post a pic of the whole grow tent!