Gorilla Glue Auto Seedling Help

Hi, I’m growing a GG Auto and I’ve grown Fem seeds before in hydro, but it’s been years and this is my first time with soil/coco and an autoflower strain. I opted to try pot for pot due to convenience while I get materials for my final grow space. It’s been about 2 and a half weeks since I started germination, and a week since she sprouted above soil. She came up with her seed still attached, which I’ve never seen and read was fine. It’s fallen off now, yet very little to know growth and her cotyledons haven’t opened completely. They look damaged or underdeveloped. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Can’t decide to let her keep trying To grow or germinate another seed. Thank you all!


Waiting it out is best. It’s all you can do.

Yeah that’s what I figured, hope something happens in the next few days. Thanks!

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