Gorilla Glue Auto seedling drooping

How’s it going everyone? My 7 day old seedling is drooping over today at the stem. Leaves look good to me just drooped over at some point today. The stem is also purple. It’s had a curve in the stem since sprouting but was always upright. First grow so any help is appreciated.

No issue. Seedling is doing great. Just flopped cause it’s a baby.
use a pipe cleaner to support or a plastic straw cut to wrap around.
pot should be at least two gallons. better if 5 gallon pot


How much are you watering?

Awesome. Thank you! I straightened her up and pushed soil up more around the stem so she’s straight but I’ll put a straw on the stem. I just started it in that pot because I didn’t have my 5 gallon pot and soil when the seed sprouted its tail. I do now so I’ll get it swapped tomorrow.

Just a light spritz around the stem. Last time I watered was 2 days ago.

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Try not to water directly on the stem , looks like she might be damping off ,too much water, just my opinion


Thanks. Will do. I’ll wait another day or so and then give the soil a spray a little away from the stem. See how she does.

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If possible, use a syringe to water in a circle away from the stem in order to encourage the young roots to spread out and form a wider base.

Noticed you are in a clay pot. What type of drainage do you have? Most of those have only one large hole in the center. At this stage not sure if I would move. Perhaps let the little gal get some strength and transplant into a cloth pot (better air flow and will dry quicker).

Once she jets a little stronger and larger, put a gentle air to begin strengthening the stem.

Keep growing!


Thanks for the advice! She ended up wilting off. I pit her in that clay pot just because she sprouted way faster than I expected and that’s all I had at the time. Getting the feel for watering has been a struggle for sure. My other one is doing good. Just learning as I go.

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