Gorilla Glue Auto Monkey Business

Yeah, your sprouts have the same symptoms as my over watering experiment plant (discoloration and leaf edge irregularities). Just let them dry up and water as needed.

I don’t buy the whole autos shouldn’t be transplanted either, they all benefit from starting in small cups/pots and transplanted up as needed and getting quick wet/dry cycles. Just so many people afraid of transplant shock, something I’ve never experienced as I know how to transplant without wrecking the plant, I see so many problems with sprouts/seedlings suffering slow growth/over watering due to tiny plant/huge pot syndrome.


I will definitely try starting in smaller pots (solo cups) for my next run. Hopefully I can get these ladies back on track! Unfortunately I’m going to have to rely on my moisture meter as I am totally clueless as to when to water and how long to let them dry out.

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I would imagine if you’re giving them 3-4 oz of water that they should not need any more for at least 5-6 days, with that interval getting shorter as the plants grow, but hard to be exact.


I’ve let the plants dry out for 6 days and they are looking much better. Thank for the diagnosis Dr @Hellraiser haha. I’m letting my soil moisture meter lead the way with my watering and it seems to be making quite a difference! I’ll post my day 11 pictures later today

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Sweet, glad to hear they’re getting better.


Here are the ladies at 11 days:

It’s funny because none of the three are growing at the same rate. From left side to right of the grow tent the plants are small, medium, and large. They all have an equal amount of light and water. The fan is on the right side. Could that be the source of the extra growth? All three are vibrating in the breeze of my 6” fan.


Could be the fan is keeping the soil a bit dryer on the close pot, might try putting the smallest one next to the fan for a while and see if it helps, looks good, nice recovery!


Thanks man! I’ll rotate them tomorrow and give that a try.


The ladies have been rotated! I left the midsized plant… in the middle and swapped the larger and smallest plant’s locations. Now the smallest plant is next to my 6” fan. Maybe it will make a difference, maybe not. Regardless, all three are now healthy and we will aim to keep them that way!

I have a bag of diatomaceous earth that I’m thinking about top dressing the plants with as a pest deterrent. Has anyone had success or failure using any of these products?

I emailed SoHum living soils yesterday about growing autos in 3 gallon pots. The Vice President of sales/marketing just got back to me (great customer service!). He suggested that I add two inches of soil to my pots at 6 weeks and that should take me right up until harvest. The plants seem to be loving this soil so far! Hopefully it all works out. If so, I will certainly be a return customer. I have two sons and a demanding job, so any medium/technique that keeps growing simple is wonderful for me.


Two weeks in and the ladies are looking pretty good. I’m happy with the progress of two of the plants. The third however… (we’ll refer to her as Dale from now on) is sucking hind tit as we say in the green mountain state.

It’s been three days since watering and the moisture meter is reading on the very lowest level of moist. The leafs are vibrant and look strong, so we will wait until tomorrow to water with another 3-4oz of water. Based on my understanding of growing small plants in large pots, it is best to water minimally, but often. I’ll post some photos later today.

@Kilgoretrout little late here but check out the high cfm kit from Gorilla Grow tent for your size tent. I found that to be the best solution to negative pressure plus you get extra places to hang stuff from. I scrog and bought two kits with the 80" height this provided two locations to add trellis while also keeping the tent from sucking in so bad! Good luck.

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I have the same tent as you. take a look at the photos I have posted on my nutes question post. it shows the kits in use.

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Unfortunately I have one of the lite line tents which doesn’t work with that system. I added some extra passive intake vents and that seems to have solved the issue. I have plans to use 3/4” schedule 40 pvc piping that I ha e kicking around to build something similar. Thanks for the input though!


Day 16 here and I’m going to start LST (low stress training) two of my girls.

This information is solely based on one grow that I helped a friend with last year, so get out your salt shaker…

My friend had 4 autoflowering plants last year. We topped two of them and used LST on the other two. The two autos that were topped produced about an oz less bud than the ones that were LST’d. All 4 were frown in a greenhouse and started late May 2019.

From what I have gathered, it took awhile for the topped plants to recover. Autoflowering plants run on a clock once they are germinated, so anytime waisted due to recovery is just that: waisted time.

I used some soft ties connected to “stationary clips???” No clue what they’re called. I don’t work in an office. The large black paper clips.

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I’m a little worried today… my largest plant is showing pistols this morning and it’s only about 7-8” tall… will it grow any bigger while it’s flowering? The other two plants are even smaller and I’m worried that they will be super tiny. I know autos don’t get very big generally, but I was hoping for at least 20-24”… @Hellraiser I know you don’t grow autos, but do you know anyone on the site that might have some insight? Maybe you have some insight?

That’s the largest of the three plants at 18 days. Today is day 20. I will add pics later today.

@Hogmaster @Dave22 @Oldguy @KeystoneCops do you folks ha e any suggestions or feedback?

@Kilgoretrout. No need for panic my friend.:wink:
They’ll continue to stretch thru flower.
My last autos were about the same size as yours when they started to show pistils. And they ended up from 32 in to just over 60 in.
At one point they were growing 2 1/2 in a day.
Had a few diff phenos during that grow.
You should be good. :+1::v: