Gorilla Glue Auto in Flower

I am curious as to how long does autoflower stay in flower before you think about harvest. I am 10 weeks into my grow and have small buds but nothing like what I see in pix. I am now getting trichomes but again, nothing close what I ave seen in pix.

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@rixmax welcome to the forum i just harvested a Blueberry auto that was 12 weeks into my grow.Looks like you still have a lot of white pistils on your plant. You have couple of weeks away.

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Thanks! I have 3 plants and all started at the same time. The other 2 area lagging behind this one. I was getting nervous and flushed the one in the pix. So I think that will work out well for me.

She’s a beauty! Welcome to ILGM.

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Thank you sir! Happy to be here!