Gorilla glue auto ILGM


I ended up having to chop these beauties a bit early because it was getting powdery mildew. I chopped off all the affected lower growth so I figured I should just chop the whole plant :man_shrugging:

Look great, going to be growing 2 of those my self next round, any tips or pointers ?

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@Kingkupa this is my first grow so I don’t really know what advice to give as I’m just learning everything myself haha. I mimick my entire grow from Mr Canucks Grow on YouTube, so I’d check him out if you’re interested.

I have another GG auto but it was weird from the beginning. I almost got rid of it but I’m glad I didn’t cause she’s got some fat buds. Still weird looking though…

Don’t mind the rh at 69%. That thing is sitting in a puddle inthe picture so its busted lol

Well buds look really good, first timer myself will tag you in my grow journal, keep it up

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Thanks, looking forward to it!

@Staticvoidmain. If a person happened to look at your cords hanging on right side and see a profile silhouette of a person, they might be stoned😆

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