Gorilla Glue Auto 1 Month and Beyond!

This seed began it’s journey exactly one month ago. I should have started then, but I’ll keep you guys updated as she matures. I think it’s a beautiful plant!

FIM’d her today. 11/17/2021. Day 30 of grow.


The symmetry is beautiful. Gorgeous lady you got there.


Yeah - it’s like you’re holding a mirror at the mid-section of the plant - it’s that symmetrical!
I literally dropped a GG auto yesterday. i hope she looks like that in a month!

Good Luck with your grow!!


Thanks man! I’m sure yours will be pretty awesome too.

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Looks great, about to start 2 GG as well will be watching along to see what to do. Keep it up , and good luck growing

Switched up to a little more red lighting for flowering. 11/22/2021

Flowers are coming along nicely! I trimmed a decent amount of the fan leaves towards the top of the plant and plucked off a few of the little baby buds towards the bottom to help get more nutes up to the major cola buds. Noticing a little cal/mag deficiency lately… going to check my pH to see if it’s a bit low. These babies definitely need a little more attention than the GDP autos I started with.

Anyone able to give me some tips first full grow working with minimal equipment at the moment let me know gg4 is what I’m growing

Your plant looks really healthy! I feel like those main 2 branches might block a little light from the bottom of the plant so it might help to do a little training. I would suggest getting some sort of stake for support as well. Might be able to kill two birds with one stone. Also, this Gorilla Glue loves its nutrients, so make sure the pH is in the right range so it is able to obtain all the nutes required for juicy, dank buds.

My bad. Comment is below!

gg auto 85 days