Gorilla Glue AF Issue?

7 days and nothing coming up?

Used the water method 48 hrs in water…nothing split. Planted in soil FF Happy Frog, in dome at 80F… Water and moisture are good, light schedule 24-7.

Note: Same process I used with the Banana Kush, and all 5 came up in 2-3 days…

Am I missing something with my seeds or process???

Always germinate more than you plan to grow just in case this or mutations happen

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20 are in…nothing this is day 8???

20 germing? Wow

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Hi Blunt…update just now…after 8 days finally seeing 5 of the 20 coming up… absolutely nothing this morning during my watering…took a peak just now and I see 5 just starting to break ground…

What’s interesting my Banana K planted at exactly the same time and using the same process came up, all 5, in 3 days. not fully understanding the germination process with the Gorilla Glue?

My former grow, 20 ZKittles, I just harvested a few weeks ago using the same process. I had 5.4 lb of dry product.

Again, the exact process is used for all my seeds and growing techniques.

Trusting this next grow with Gorilla Glue is the same success and I can get most of the seeds to come up… more info as time passes.

Thank you for responding!

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Yeah most likely they’ll come up staggered a few days apart

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That seems a excessive amount of time in water. I have a GG Fem seedling. First GG 8 hr water, napkin between saucers on heat mat. Nothing put in Soil 5 days nothing! Dropped another one same method popped 4th day in soil the seedling.

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Never had an 8 day germination time on any of my seeds for ilgm… Usually up in 2-4 days. very interesting to me as these have taken a very long time to “sprout”. I have detailed logs and pictures for future reference.

Trusting the rest of them germinate. With the seeds purchased from ILGM I typically get an 85-90% germination rate.

Like I indicated…i have very detailed records for each strain I grow. I’m new to this, 1.5 years, I made huge mistakes, spent way to much money, however, now getting it right. At least that’s what I want to believe.

I have 2-4x8 tents and 2-4x4 tents set up… I believe with the best money can buy. Early on I made a lot of mistakes…not any longer. Learned a lot fast…never grew Gorilla Glue. As soon as I figure out the best plant to grow for my conditions…its the only one I’ll grow, probably stick to one strain after i plant rest of the some 200 plus seeds and different strains from IGLM I still have.


it what was recommended though ILGM…24-48

I’ll let you know. thanks!

They’ll pop be patient. Gorilla is very stinky so be warned

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stinky is not good…my tents are outside and dont need any issues with neighbors… dang…

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Their very stinky even in veg.

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not good… for me…guess the carbon filter is going in


I’m growing in the garage and I can smell it in the middle of the road if I open my tent flaps😁


not good for me thank you.

Hi Blunt…If I may ask how many are in your grow? Right now I have 11 coming up out of the 20 I planted. How bad will it smell if I open my tent? Are they a stronger smell than 20 zkittles? I could smell z’s with my tent closed all over my screened in area in my back yard…

Idk about skittles but I believe it’s a cookie strain. Gg4 stinks more imo. Here’s what I had before harvest


Gg4 is the yellowing one

Nice my friend