Gorilla Glue #4 Super Skunk Feminized photos

Oh yes. I’m amazed. It’s a decent sized room and the light heats up the entire thing

This is my normal configuration with two fans


Looking good! Keep at it you have allot of space! Grab a cheap jewelers loop and start checking trichomes… slow down your watering process even if you have to water and take a break come back and finish watering. What gallon pots are those? Look like 7gal?

I always keep an eye on trichomes. Plan is to stagger my harvest and do a little study on amber percentage and the effects. My 50 year old eyes don’t see too well even with my poop so I’m going to order a pretty big one. These may have as much as 2.5 weeks left. One is 5 days ahead and super skunk is notorious for finishing up sooner that planned. They exploded the last week

These are 5’s. I would have went way bigger knowing what I know now. Roots make the plant. I have to water way too often . I got bad advice on my living soil and only went half a pot full and mixed the upper half with coco and perlite along with happy frog and worm castings so they missed out on some feedings but I learned from it and my plants are pretty healthy if not small

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They look fine! Fat & frosty! GG is a stinker. Some great growers here, a ton of knowledge. Lots of soil builders, guys and gals running all kinds of different medium coco, peat, hydro etc… Find your thing get to know and read a couple favorite strains!


I’m a little worried about one of the super skunks. They are from ILGM and aren’t all that heavy with trichome production yet. They have a few weeks left but still I would expect more than what is there

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She’s stacking up nicely