Gorilla Glue #4 Super Skunk Feminized photos

Getting icky , sticky


Nice that pot looks dry in the last picture. U should be soaking them down til u get some runoff. Plant would prolly be alot bigger if u kept wet dry cycles seems like u just get the middle some. Soak the whole pot til u get some runoff then leave it for a day or 2 or 3 til it feels light and dry then repeat. It will throw alot more weight on them buds if u do this. Should be done from the get go basically as soak and dry soak and dry looks nice tho

It got dry in 1 day and on purpose to knock my humidity down after having to wash them off. I only vegged these for 28 days. They never go two days without water

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Mold scares me. :wink:. I did recently start flooding them in the sink. Seemed to make a difference but harder to control nutes

I don’t really like to water on the edge of my pots. It just runs out the sides. I don’t know how much growth I can get over the next 2-2 1/2 weeks but that’s all I’m left to work with. I’m reading all I can about last minute things to do as they are finishing. I didn’t have the option of going longer while vegging . Home owner got pretty paranoid

@Lewy2239 have you tried using a watering can with the flower pour head on it if you slow the flow from your end it will drain through the hole pot even on the edges happy growing :v:

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Yeah when u wet the plant I start them off soaking the pots let it dry then basically u water the outer edges til soaked and u get runoff leave the middle not wetting just the outer ring. This will promote the roots to grow outwards towards the wet soil and get the roots spread a bit faster soil likes wet and dry periods so a good soak down til about 10 to 20% runoff is always a good thing it makes sure all soil is wet and it helps push out some of the salts to avoid salt buildups from happening. Using led lights plants eat up nutrients a bit faster than other types of lights. Using ffof or ff soils should be good with just calmag water for the first 3 to 5 weeks after transplants then start feeding nutes and always on feed days soak it down til 20% runoff u can always get ppm and pH numbers on water days getting runoff also which tells u if u have a lockout or whatever the case may be.

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Exactly what @Mark0427 is saying it will help out in the long run

I looked into getting one of those. Probably will this week. I live in the boonies. I need to do something different definitely to spread the water out. Tried a homemade one with less than the desired effect

Another thing to do is to pour it really slowly around the edges stay in the outer circle happy growing :v:

Thanks for the input guys. Only been in the game a few months but I’m a fairly fast learner

Well you seem to doing good and ask questions on here if you need to there’s plenty of happy growers here to help each other out happy growing :v:

I’ve been adding unsulphored molasses and keeping my humidity in the high 40’s for the most part. I’m wanting to drop my temps a few degrees although I rarely get above 85. Do y’all raise up your lights towards the end or lower the intensity for that purpose? There aren’t many options. A wide open tent makes a carbon filter pointless and Gorilla Glue puts out some aromas

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Me personally I leave mine were they are I just get my temps down as low as I can get them.


I don’t have options to lower temps I’ve got my own unheated room that I keep closed but just my light warms it up . I have no control over the rest of the property . I’m hoping for lots of swelling in the next few weeks. The 7 day difference from the 17 to the 24 is pretty impressive really. I don’t have enough growing under my belt to really know what to expect as they finish up as far as bulking up

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What kind of lights you have

I just saw your pic of your lights haved you tried to aim a small fan at the tops of the lights to cool them down

I have a fan pointed at the top of the light. I use a few fans

Not sure which pic your looking at. The other day I moved fans around you knock down the moisture on my leaves from an emergency spraying. I usually have a small fan on my plants and a larger one blowing past my light . I’m sure I can further adjust it. My temp gauges are line 4 degrees apart. Kind of annoying. 4 degrees can mean a lot

@Lewy2239 sorry was talking about pic 4 the one that has the driver on top point a fan towards that they do bump the temp up