Gorilla glue 4 grow experience

They will surprise you mate they are so resilience you won’t believe one of my 2 GG#4 get completely destroyed on me my own fault, but about 10 days after it happened I was going to what I thought was to remove a dead plant and there she was starting to regenerate its self and is looking amazing again have a look for yourself @Jam



Another thing @Johnzy81 I was bending over to get to plant at back and snapped top off with 3 sets !! Was spewing. So I quickly cut end put in cup of water. It was late. So I decided that I’d try cloning in the morning. In morning it was wilted over hanging down. Thought it was fkd anyway I managed to get 4 clones. Rooted in 7-9 days !!! And one grew 2 sets while in clone !! NEVER had that with any other plant. 40 varieties n never. It’s amazing.