Gorilla Glue #4 from dead to filling a 4X6 tent for over 1 LB in 100 days or less in a race with a Durban Poison Autoflower 🤡


Light spectrum can mean very little if intensity is high enough. Sometimes that means running a little different light recipe to save on power. Other times it means making stuff work even when it’s not ideal. If things aren’t broken it’s difficult to want to fix them right?


How does that work? Is it just water pumped through a fan at a fine enough mist that it freezes or what? I’ve seen those snow makers a few times but never close enough to see how they work.


High PSI water 400lb psi and compressed air.


Looks like you’re getting ready for the skiers


Durban poison auto PPM1065 PH 5.8
GG#4 PPM1305 PH 5.8
Res temps 61F burr

18’ past the net and still growing. OOPS :scream:


Bo oh boy DP sure ate her spinach, didn’t she…


A funny lookback


Host of 2 World Cup FIS world champion events. NBC will be covering it live "Ill be able to watch my (Artistry under the influence) on NBC :sled:


Working 11:30pm to 11:30 am

Not a real member of the crew. This is a big big cat(No visible claws and they walk in their own track) good thing they don’t really care for Clown Meat :clown_face:
They call theses whales, this is what I made last night


DP auto PPM 1087 PH5.8
GG#4 PPM1382 PH 5.8 added 1 gal 0 PPM water for a PPM1125 Its drinking a lot PPM will be over 1250 tomorrow then it get a res changed
Tent temps 84F-56F with the res at 60F


That’s a big cat indeed!


We had a big cat around our mobile home one night a few years back. Went out in the morning with the 30/30 and found the tracks in front of my truck. Had a person a town over get pics of a mother and 2 juvinals walking past their bee hives. Then one night wife and I almost hit one on the 4-wheeler that ran in front of us. It was hauling ass fast after deer. If we were going a couple more mph would have hit it.


Did a non-caring reservoir change today. Nutes were about 1000PPM, that’s low but with how much they are drinking it will rise fast.
Autoflowers color looking interesting,(cold) she has a mighty stock for an auto

GG#4 just starting to show flowering and growing well

I cant believe it never died


GG#4 PPM1140 got moved around under the net

Durban Poison auto PPM 1065


Pineapple Trainwreck and g13 x haze hit the water 11/11/18



Is that all seeds in the mylar bags?


I think theres 17 different kind of seeds there. sadly the Banana Kush seeds didn’t look as good as the G13 X Haze did and the Haze part comes from Hawaii :palm_tree:


Durban autoflower 73 days down

G13 and Train
Day -3




GG#4 really wants out, about another week

Durban Poison Auto finally stopped going up