Gorilla Glue #4 from dead to filling a 4X6 tent for over 1 LB in 100 days or less in a race with a Durban Poison Autoflower 🤡


There goes his friend

:clown_face: Yes that was dumb lying it on my light


Love that Peter Tosh album. I had one of the original LPs of it collectors item. Good job on the GG#4!


I always liked the array of Black Sabbath “slow songs”.

But “Wheels of Confusion” is the definition of a Black Sabbath song IMO.


When I was 19 Peter Tosh was staying at the hotel where my boss lived and I was able to kick it with the band “Ya badass , to bad you don’t know that when you doing it” But he was touring the Mama Africa album and played at the Lahaina Maui high school cafeteria. It was like a local party 250 people.
The song Bush Doctor could be written today, still 100% relevant.
I still remember the radio bit for it saying " Peter Tosh coming from Mama Africa to Mama Maui" :clown_face:

That’s a WWA the GG#4 bud porn coming next week , going to add "Daily Bud Porn "


Nice set of roots growing on both plants. I have to leave them from 10/08 to 10/15 so if they don grow a lot till then I guess that will be ok.

and an autoflower



Still not putting out real cannabis leaf’s, looks like it will have four shoots.

The DP auto is FIMed and bushing out

And this is why bud rot doesn’t come out this far

Sorry about the display, look at the low and high humidity. its plugged into the lights, with the humidifier off it drops to 25% :clown_face:
Flower tent is dark with temps in the high 50s with 14 day flush done today." I’ll post BudPorn latter today"
Does anyone else have problems cutting the plants you gave almost every thought to for the last 3 months?


The first of the Blue Dream



It was heavy :muscle:t2:


Niiice haul my man! Aloha


Aloha,…I think I should move back. Cant afford Oahu “Thank God it sucked, :cry: spent two weeks at Makaha in may. The homeless have decided the beaches are their’s
Very sad I loved Oahu , spent my 20s tending bar at Monterey Bay Canners at WorkCentre next to Ala Moana and i’m pretty sure that was the last time i’ll see Oahu. Maybe lanai 'Can you say rock fever”


I’m happy to get my weekday waves here in southtown…


I only had the bus so north shore trip were hard to come by, 6.2" thruster Point Panic to Diamondhead on a beach cruzer. Lived up by the park in Makiki heights


l image


Other than I FIM a FIM and toped the auto I think, will only help. Pruned the bottom too.

And the monster clone still making trichomes so the tent stays at 20/4. The auto not really liking the long work hours.

Happy day for them already made their upped-nutes reservoir nutrients, will change latter. PPMs up from 700 to 1200 today, this maybe high :clown_face:
I still have time to water it down


Pored 1 gal of nutes off and put strait water back to make it 980 PPM’s down from a 1250 reading General Hydroponics recommends >Feeling more confident now :clown_face:


980 PPM working out good, they don’t look deprived of nutrients.I think they are both cannabis plants :clown_face:

2 days after the FIM , no growth slow-age at all. 30 days old today, i’ll probably FIM one more round.


Finally growing.
Lights on 18/6

Look at the stock, its a Monster :clown_face:


Root day

I haven’t been adding any liquid to the reservoirs and they look a little low. Time for the 3 to 5 gal move. One or two weeks more and they’ll go into a RDWC and I wont see the roots till I cut it down :clown_face:


Beautiful!! I’m going to try again with mine. Maybe Ill get enough dos and don’ts that mine will look like that!! Lol


My new light setup for the big race :clown_face: