Gorilla Glue #4 from dead to filling a 4X6 tent for over 1 LB in 100 days or less in a race with a Durban Poison Autoflower 🤡


There goes his friend

:clown_face: Yes that was dumb lying it on my light


Love that Peter Tosh album. I had one of the original LPs of it collectors item. Good job on the GG#4!


I always liked the array of Black Sabbath “slow songs”.

But “Wheels of Confusion” is the definition of a Black Sabbath song IMO.


When I was 19 Peter Tosh was staying at the hotel where my boss lived and I was able to kick it with the band “Ya badass , to bad you don’t know that when you doing it” But he was touring the Mama Africa album and played at the Lahaina Maui high school cafeteria. It was like a local party 250 people.
The song Bush Doctor could be written today, still 100% relevant.
I still remember the radio bit for it saying " Peter Tosh coming from Mama Africa to Mama Maui" :clown_face:

That’s a WWA the GG#4 bud porn coming next week , going to add "Daily Bud Porn "