Gorilla Glue #4 from dead to filling a 4X6 tent for over 1 LB in 100 days or less in a race with a Durban Poison Autoflower 🤡


That why you need seedlings to keep things in balance. I gave this plant a gal of 1300PPM nutes, normally its 800-900PPM at the most. Res at 1250PPM now that should be spot on for this :raised_hands:
The Durban Poison is coming down with in the next 5-6 day too


I’m hoping to get a couple tents setup soon. Then I can try to space them out with at least one auto in each room will give me a harvest a month.


Roots on a 19 day old :mage:

I accidently bumped this plant, smells really good


Damn those are some roots! I don’t keep track of days anymore, I’ve started counting months instead lol.


I think 20 days??? Pineapple Trainwreck(top) and Q13XHaze

I will probably FIM them tomorrow or maybe top. I don’t know?
I have really good luck FIMing , will maybe do two rounds. I don’t know?

GG#4 always happy to see me

Durban P




Nice, I just fimmed my Blue Cheese today.


I’m very curious to were you got your scrog netting I made one but only get one use out of it. U buy it or make it?




O god I hope that wasnt you, didnt know they used paracord netting i thought it was plastic stuff they use on high school ball feilds.


Na I drive a snowcat


Love those things heat, CD aux its awesome in them use to hitch rides at sun up in Jackson hole when I worked as a chef on the ski mt. Had to either snowmobile or catch a ride up and bord down. Loved watch avalanche pre caution then hitting fresh lines. Nothing like it around here. But I grew up here and I still love corduroy lines as fast as you could possibly ride.


3 weeks just FIMed , they wont even notice.


They look just like the one On just fimmed.


What flavor is it? Its funny they do look just like each other.


My plants normally perk-up after a FIM, why top

Durban poison auto turning colors
Just a few days left


That’s my Blue Cheese


Dang that auto is a beast and looks great to. Granted she took as long as a non auto didn’t she? lol.


I planted on 8/29 its about 100 days


So somewhere in the middle. Hopefully she was worth the hassle and time.